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Greetings - New-ish Long EZ - Old-ish Engine


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I’d like to introduce myself, and the Long EZ I’ll hopefully be flying Young Eagles in soon.

I’d love any advice or pointers.  

I’d also like to connect with regional LongEZ/VariEZ fliers – please message me.

I’m in the Sacramento CA area and am member of a number of our local EAA Chapters (52/25, 1230, 512 and 1541) and director of EAA52’s Ray and Youth program (I’ve give out 4 x $10,000 Ray flight training scholarships).  

Anyways, I’ve taken on Roger Loftus’s beautiful Long EZ (see attached picture).  

It received its airworthiness certificate in 2009, but like too many of us Roger lost his medical before getting her into the air.

Flag on the play: it’s O-290D2 was overhauled in 1982 and has sat since.  I will certainly be going through the engine before flying it (kind of like scary xmas!)   

Roger did a remarkable job.  807lbs empty! (no starter)  Naca flush belly scoop for updraft cooling, etc, etc.  

I am very impressed with his craftsmanship, and I am pretty picky.

This is my fist foray into the canard zone – most of my life has been spent on wooden aviation!

You can check out my other project here:


And my son’s (which he seems to have left to me as he’s off to college):


Again, thank you in advance for any advice / pointers / concerns / suggestions / etc. - I need and will certainly appreciate it.

And thank you for letting me be part of your community.







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Owen, welcome to the Canard Zone. Your shop looks great. Interesting plane for your son... I was considering the KR2 myself.

Feel free to ask anything and share any progress along the way.

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
Now:  Rebuilding Quickie Tri-Q200 N479E
Next:  Resume building a Cozy Mark IV

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Looks great Owen!  I am in the refurbishment stages of a Long-Ez with an O-290-D2.  It had flown for 1200 hours when I bought it late last year but it needed some serious TLC.  It is completely stripped down of all components right now and we are getting ready to flip it and sturdy up the landing gear assembly.  Once done with that we are going to refinish the exterior.  The engine will go back on with all new wiring, hoses, cooling, panel work, etc.

Here's the link to my earlier posts:  


Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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