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New Member - Hello From South Dakota

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Since there's an introduction pilot's lounge area, hello from the flat, eastern side of South Dakota! I stumbled into this place while researching possible plans build options (after my wife shocked me by saying "Sure, honey, you can cash flow an airplane").

The truth is, I've always loved the look of Rutan's canard designs and their progeny, so if I am going to go the plans-build route, I'm thrilled that my wife looked at the choices I presented to her as "We could build A, B, or C" and chose option C.

Hopefully sometime next year I'll get started on a Cozy or AeroCanard of my very own (Technically I sold the Mrs. on the AeroCanard FG, but that was before exploring the forums here. It seems that sticking to the Cozy Mk IV might be a better choice, especially for a first time builder). Equally hopefully, it'll be done before my youngest child (currently 7 years old) graduates college...

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Sodak Aaron,

I am selling my plans and some handy wing jigs. Along with it I will give what I have of my project for free. Not much done but what is there is in good shape and its free (as long as I don't have to work for it to be taken away). But you are getting those materials which are worth a little. Probably not worth the cost of shipping but that is up to you. It is a long way from Florida to South Dakota 🙂. I am really hoping to find someone interested in both the parts and plans. As Kent indicated in his link, someone wants to sell his plans so probably a good way for you to get them without the other stuff.

Best Regards,

Chris Martin

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