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When life serves you lemons, Cart before the horse, Shattered Dreams and other such quandaries.

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Its been nearly 15 years since I bought my set of Cozy Mark IV plans. Every time I have gotten close to starting my build, life has thrown me a curve ball. Im not exactly sure what I was thinking, buying a set of aircraft plans before I had my pilot's license. I was young and I had dreams that were just plain bigger than life intended for me to enjoy. Up until recently, all of the roadblocks were temporary. My means of intended finance was my biggest enemy, as a cell tower technician I spent over a decade on rotation, 6 weeks on the road and 1 week at home.  Finances, space, time, job, and family situations came and went over the years, and with each situation I knew it was but a passing issue.


And then, as is so often the case, life comes along and deals you a blow you cant quite seem to recover from. Mine came in the form of seizures at age 43. Even after getting them largely under control, I will never climb cell towers again. I cant in good conscience put a crew at risk of having to get me down or myself having a seizure while performing a rescue on a crew member. I surrendered my driver's license as well, I cant in good conscience put myself or other motorists at risk. And likewise, I will never pilot an aircraft, my own included.  


That leaves me in the uniquely awkward position of owning a $500 dust magnet that only serves to remind me of the dreams life has crushed for me. I want the constant reminder of shattered dreams removed from my life, but I want it to live on as it was intended, as someone else's dream. I am hoping someone in this forum can give some advice as to how to proceed. Can I legally sell the plan set if I never started the build? What is a reasonable asking price? Where is the best place to try to sell them? I dont want to outright throw away a $500 investment, and I have no expectation of getting my purchase price out of them, but it sure would be nice if I had the last $300 I need for this months rent.

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Sorry to hear of your trouble, Bert.

You can likely get $300 for them, it's just a matter of the right person finding you at the right time. Maybe someone from here will contact you, who knows, otherwise yes, Ebay works too.

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Contact David Orr.    He tries to keep a list of anything in the Canard world to sell or buy.


He also knows details of many of the aircraft for sale and has seen many of them.    I think he will find a buyer for you.    He DOES charge a "finders fee" but I think that is small.

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