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Buying my dads Cozy Build, maybe the first ever built


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Hey everyone 

I am looking to surprise my dad and buy the cozy Mark IV for him that he built in 1993. I’ve located the owner and wrote him a letter stating my intentions. Time will tell if the gentleman is interested in selling. My question here is the approximate value of this plane. I have struggled to find comps. I am not a pilot. 

it’s my understanding that my father built the very first Mark IV based on Nat’s design. I know the plane is currently airworthy and the pilot appears to fly it weekly based on tracking the tail number. 

I know this information is extremely limited and plane values can have a wide range based on a variety of factors. In my eyes this plane is priceless. It was built while I was born and helped my dad launch his company back in the early 90s. But even though this plane is priceless to my family, there are limits. 

Let’s assume this plane is in great condition with moderately updated engine, avionics, etc. Is $80,000 enough? Let me know what you think. 

Edit: the engine was an “0-360”. I’m not sure what that means but maybe that helps with the value. 

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As you say, the prices vary considerably. Spend some time looking through the 'Sales I've Seen' thread you posted on to see what the going prices are in various conditions. Until you know more about the current condition etc., the price is anyone's guess. $80k might do it, or it might be substantially more if it's been updated and well maintained. If it is in need of an overhaul, it might sell for a lot less than $80k.

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15 hours ago, irish26 said:

I am looking to surprise my dad and buy the cozy Mark IV for him that he built in 1993.

Who was your Dad and what is the tail number?  A lot of times people here are familiar with these airplanes and know some history about them.  Yeah as Voidhawk said, look at my "Sales I've seen" topic.  Somewhere in there is a list kept by Marc Zeitlin of cozys for sale.   I would say for $80K it must be a very nice Cozy with no work needed, low to medium time engine, good avionics.  Probably most go for $45K to 65K.    Marc sees a lot of them and might give you an appraisal, for a fee.  See   https://www.burnsideaerospace.com/ 

Your dad sold this airplane once so maybe he'd like something different.  A Cozy can be a little awkward for an old man with a small bladder.  I would ask him before I closed on the buy.

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