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One Canard is Never Enough


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Just two weeks after the completion of the restoration and flying of my VariEze (N40LC), I decided I needed to find another canard.  I brought this Long-Ez home yesterday and will begin sanding for a restoration this weekend.  It had been flown 1200 hours and has many desirable extras.  I'll post updates as I get into it.



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My son is graduating in May with an Aerospace Engineering degree and he worked as an intern at Scaled Composites this past summer.  He really enjoyed the experience designing and working with the composite projects while there.  This is a perfect project Ez we can go through and refurbish.  It is a flying Long-Ez with 1200 hours.  The previous owner has helped a friend build a Long-Ez in the 80's.  He decided to start one as well, but decided getting it in the air was more important than the fine details of bodywork.  We will work though it as I did with the VariEze to clean it up and update as needed.

My son has his pilot's license too, so I am sure he will claim one of them eventually.  🙂


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That is awesome!

I am looking at a completed Long(several years ago) but has not flown off the 40 hours.  It too has many small extras that I do like but the engine is in question due to its sitting for so long, still doing some fact finding and soul searching.  

Enjoyed reading your Vari progress.




Placerville, CA

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