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Rudder cable bracket assemblies


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Sorry if this question has been answered previously.  I’m concerned about the installation of the rudder cable bracket assemblies being installed over the fiberfrax and titanium (in my case) firewall sheet.  My concern is that over time the fiberfrax will mechanically degrade causing the brackets to be loose/gapped. Any input to my concern would be appreciated. Has anyone installed a shim under the brackets in lieu of the fiberfrax in these areas?  Would this pose a safety issue not having the fiberfrax in the footprint of the brackets?

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I have seen no sign of that but the method for retaining mounting screws for those brackets in the firewall is often a subject of discussion.  Sometimes the screw-heads turn when tightening the nuts.   Then you're screwed.  🙂   I think I brazed some small pieces of welding wire to the heads.   I have seen better ideas but can't think of them now.

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