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Fuel tank vents


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Some considerations:

The plans only show one line per strake.  That isn't enough.  You need one line venting the highest point in the tank in cruise/climb and one line venting the highest point in the tank when parked on the nose (in order to prevent pumping fuel overboard on the ramp on warm day with full fuel).  Two lines from one strake can be joined into one line but not until they are well above the highest fuel level in climb or nose-down on the ramp.

So the lines from one strake normally run to the top of the turtledeck and then it's your choice.  If you run them to the top, then outside the turtledeck, they might vent fuel in a rollover accident but that setup is still pretty common in older EZs.   Better IMO to run the vents to the bottom of the airplane.  It is not a good idea to connect  all four lines into one external vent.  A bug could plug the vent system.

Personally, I join my two lines from a strake into a fitting at the top inside of the turtle deck and take that single line through the firewall and down the top of firewall to vent that runs down the aft face of the centerspar and bend the external line to about a 45° angle facing forward (pic from my EZ project).  I used the blue union fittings so I could remove the line easily and get to the centerspar glass if I ever needed to.

Sorry that doesn't quite answer your question about redoing the already-installed lines.  My fitting that joins the two lines at the top is a little bulky or I'd post a drawing.



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Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Here ya go:  An idea from my idle mind in these boring days to join two lines into one using Pro-seal or a fuel-resistant sealer.  Just clean the ends of the lines and the holes in the block and don't get sealant in the lines themselves.  There is no stress on the block and essentially no fluid so I think it would work and be easy to make or to make variations.


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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