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Long EZ Ailerons

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I have never seen just ailerons for sale and the cost of boxing and shipping to the UK, paying the VAT, then you don't really know if you will get ailerons that will fit your plane. . .

I think it'd be easier to build them from the Open-ez plans.  Search for Open-ez on this site.  The build manual is here  http://www.aryjglantz.com/p/documents.html?m=0

The blue sytrofoam is commonly used for boat dock flotation billets or insulation so you might find that in the UK or you can order from Aircraft Spruce Europe.

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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I am surprised that few experts answered your email.      Correct elevator and aileron shape and balancing is essential for safety.

The ailerons are a hard part of building.    You need to study the directions for hot-wiring, get a friend to help, make accurate wood forms to  guide the hot wire, get a buddy or 2 to help, and try to make them.   Plan to make more than 2  just to get some practice.    I made several and lost count.   The steel weight on the forward side of the aileron in Burt's plans is just too light; a lot of people went to a slightly larger diameter steel rod or other metal instead of steel.    Ultimately the ailerons MUST balance correctly according to the RAF plans, AFTER the painting.    Balancing incorrectly will create a dangerous aircraft.    I followed the directions in painting, including cleaning with the specified solvent; the directions are for car painting but the ailerons are NOT metal so the solvent will go through pinholes, dissolving the styrofoam.    Then you have to start over with more styrofoam, aluminum tube and rivets.    I made pair of ailerons, then found that the aluminum tubing was slightly in the wrong place so I started over.    Expect to spend a couple of months and use up some material.   Be sure that the airflow will reach the forward surface of the ailerons on the lower side of the ailerons correctly as that has a strong aerodynamic effect.   The clearance from aileron to the wing  MUST be correct.   Ailerons and elevators done incorrectly can kill you.   


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4 hours ago, Birdbrain said:

Eureka in the USA will CNC cut cores for you, much better than hotwiring. The build does need to be done very accurately.

Eureka uses a CNC hotwire machine - it's still hotwiring. Steve does not machine the foam. Accurate, but hotwire, nonetheless.

I'm at a loss to understand the belief that fabricating ailerons is rocket science - building a set of new ailerons, if required, should take a long weekend - maybe 3 - 4 days, just because there are about 4 serial cure cycles. Two skins, end ribs, and some reinforcing. Use 7/16" steel rod or tubing to put lead weight inside, and ensure good balance. It's just NOT that hard.

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