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Is it possible to use an Aeromomentum AM15 in a Long EZ?

Mike Jauregui

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Hi, I hope you guys are doing great!

Quick question, I know that the original Long EZ was designed around a Lycoming 235 which results in 100 hp, the Aeromomentum AM15 produces 147 Hp, I'm not an expert and the Long EZ is my first project so I was wondering if I could use that power plant instead of the Lycoming.

Thanks in advance!

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I have thought this might be a good combination, but I am not aware of anyone planning to do so yet.

It looks like a great way to have a lighter engine but with more power.

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I imagine it could be done but the low profile version is $16,500.  Throw in a custom engine mount and jiggering with the intake, exhaust and cooling setup to suit a pusher, it doesn't seem like a great advantage over a used O-320.  

Would you use a prop extension?  It is a rather blunt engine without one and with an extension you'd have to determine if the redrive is strong enough.  The choice of prop would be another question. 

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