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From Melbourne, Australia.

A Rutan design Canard makes sense for Australia due to the long distances between cities etc., the heart says get a Berkut or a Long-Ez for the fighter pilot feel, but the head says to get a Cozy due to the extra space to carry bags etc in the back.

Unfortunately none of them come up for sale very often in Australia so I'm probably going to need to import one from the U.S. - but that poses an obvious question - can the wings and canard etc be removed from any of them to enable everything to be put in a shipping container for the trip over?

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Yes to Long-Ez wing removal. the u/c is wider than a shipping container though and thus the aircraft needs blocks under one side to get diagonal. Carnard comes off easy too.

mine came back from france on a trailer.

just wrap and secure very carefully.


2017-06-14 15.50.34.jpg

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I believe I have seen Cozys being shipped in a High-Cube shipping container.  The centerspar is 11.41' wide and the strakes might add a few inches,  they pack them on a diagonal with the nose down.  You might need to remove the main gear hoop--pretty easy to do.

I presume you will operate on nice paved runways, otherwise another type of aircraft might do better.

Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Local airport has a 1000 metre paved runway, it is notorious for crosswinds at certain times of the year.

OK packing them on the diagonal with nose down makes sense to get them into a high cube.

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