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  1. Hello, I own a Long and have done so for four years. Many great trips from the UK to Europe. I have the excellent baggage pods from Dale Martin. Having spent time marking the line at BL-61 on the top and undersurface of each wing I saw that the line did not parallel the strake/wing joint line. I now realise that it was not meant to, as that is offset from the parallel. I did however carry out an oil flow test and the results are attached. The flow over the upper surface matches the line but there is significant divergence on the lower surface. i appreciate this shows flow over the wing surface and not the free airflow, however should I still follow the exact parallel line at Bl-61 or adjust the mounting position to reflect the actual airflow? I would be grateful for anyones thoughts. Paul
  2. Yes to Long-Ez wing removal. the u/c is wider than a shipping container though and thus the aircraft needs blocks under one side to get diagonal. Carnard comes off easy too. mine came back from france on a trailer. just wrap and secure very carefully.

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