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Davenport system or Electric trim


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Good Evening,

I have a couple of questions about Davenport trim system and electric. I am a new builder and want to build a trim system for my Cozy III. Being a new builder i am kinda not understanding how this would work. I see it does cause of years of use, and does anybody have the plans and working pages.

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The pitch trim in these airplanes has to pull the elevator down against air loads most of the time.  Not to put you off but there are three canard forums and a cozybuilders  group that have discussed pitch trim systems many times.  Use the search function here and on those sites and you will learn a lot.  Google and google images will also bring up discussions and pics.  Here’s a thread from the cozybuilders group, for a start


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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I have attached the Vance Atkinson electric pitch trim design and the Davenport pitch trim design.  The plans for the Cozy include manual pitch trim which works well.

If you want to make the Davenport electric, then just swap the 1/2" control rod out for a 12V electric actuator.



Electric trim small - Copy.jpg


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