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  1. Good Afternoon. From one NEWBY to another ! Looks like you have the background of aircraft maintenance. I Retired from the Air Force about 5 years ago, A crew chief too 2A373. I will tell you it is the best thing i have done. I have Purchased a Cozy III and it is great for my mission. For my girlfriend and myself. I am still in the process of building the cozy, but dreaming of flying it to next meet. Or even meet up with people that have canards, and individuals building themselves have been great. I have used the zone to get help and even now I have individuals come by to help. Slowly it has taken back off, I believe soon the canards will better then RV's.
  2. Still raw and building the back seat.
  3. Thank you Everybody! Got some good reading in, and plus found the electric fuel probe thread.
  4. Good Evening, I have a couple of questions about Davenport trim system and electric. I am a new builder and want to build a trim system for my Cozy III. Being a new builder i am kinda not understanding how this would work. I see it does cause of years of use, and does anybody have the plans and working pages.

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