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Hi guys,

Long time lurker (dreamer?), first time poster. I'm looking at picking up a partially completed Cozy IV project and completing it, so I figured it's about time to come out of the shadows.


If anyone has any experience with buying a project from the US and importing it into Canada before completing it I'd love to hear from you. Honestly, I'm open to any wisdom at all concerning canard aircraft, as I've yet to fly one myself. Just gotten my jealous eyeprints all over the one that used to live at my local airport! :)

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Welcome!  I hope you pick a great project.  I would recommend you try and find a project that was built to plans specifications.  Don't forget to have someone knowledgeable check the project with you if at all possible.   These aren't that difficult to build correctly, but lots of us seem to think we can build it "Better" than the plans specify (and THAT often just makes things bad...).  Have FUN!!  Its a life changing challenge....

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