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Advice please

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Hi I am new to Canard Zone, looking for some help. I have what I think is a full set of Long-ez plans, original serial number, another serial number and copy of plans, built fuselage, main and nose gear, wing spar some loose parts that I would like to sell. I have no idea how to go about this, what it's worth and need some advice please. If I am posting this in the wrong place, I apologize as I am not sure where I should be doing this. I bought the fuselage, landing gear and spar with parts years ago, then acquired the plans and build numbers, but sad to say have not done anything with it all. I would like to sell everything as I am not in a position to get this project started. All help welcome

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Hi Johan,

If you could include some photos of what you have, some of the experienced guys here can probably make some suggestions for you. Genuine Long plans are fairly popular!

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Thanks, I'll check the link and post some photos when I am able to take more. The parts are in storage so i am going to get them out 










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