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Front seatback cutting edge


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At the top aft corner of my seatback, I have a lovely flox corner creating a nearly perfect edge (if I do say so myself). However, this edge is quite sharp! Useful perhaps if there is ever the need to slice things (fingers?) in flight, but rather reminiscent of auto interiors before it was realized they were carving people up in accidents. 

Has anyone made a change here that worked well? 

I am about to fit the shoulder support and am considering creating a small foam 'rounding' of this corner that the shoulder support outside layup could wrap over. It would allow the seatbelt reinforcement to wrap easily too, and avoid a potentially harmful edge. I could sand the corner, but it would be very small radius if I didn't want to destroy the flox corner there.

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I propose sawing about 1/4" off the edge, dig out some of the foam, insert new flox and glass over it.  That'd give you about a 5/16-1/4" radius" at the edge.  You might want to build up the flox and let  it harden, then sand/file to shape before glassing.   Glass is heavy, though.  Little things like that add up.  ?

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