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WANTED: Long Ez / VariEze


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We're a group of folks who start companies for a living, usually (as in this case) in partnership with major academic institutions. At the high level, we take university research and create venture-backed companies to commercialize it. We're looking for someone in the VariEze / Long Ez (could consider other canards as well!) that has an incredible aircraft that they've put tons of love into, but due to life circumstances (or a new aircraft!) doesn't get to use it too often. 


We'd love to work with an owner who would be willing to lend us their aircraft for a year or so, we'd take out comprehensive insurance on it, pay some cash monthly, and give the owner a considerable amount of stock in the new venture (proven team, 10's of $M of previous capital raised, etc. etc.). Happy to transfer the aircraft to a new LLC, or for the owner to retain title. We'd be making some modifications, but all are focused inside the cockpit and none are permanent. We'd get sign off on a plan of work with the owner before we got started, to make sure everyone was on the same page. 


We'd be particularly interested in folks who are here in the Northeast (we're based out of Cambridge MA) but can make any aircraft anywhere in the country work.  Offering up a $500 referral bonus for anyone who can successfully refer us to an owner who this might work for! Thoughts? Questions? 



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I talked to these guys a while back about my Barnstormers ad.  I don't think they're scammers but I wasn't anxious to lease them an airplane.  They could have bought a project like this and had it flying by now.  


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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