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  1. Hey Eric, Ben Williamson here, My bird lives at Santa Ynez CA, I'm wrapping up a Dual G5 / SL30 install at the moment but should be back in the air within a couple of weeks. Let me offer a few tips from my check out experience. For context, Santa Ynez has a "Short" runway for a new owner, Eric Cobb (built and worked on all sorts of canards) was kind enough to let me land his from the back seat for about 10 or 15 landings at various airports, we flew up to Santa Maria and did three landings, called it a day (all from the back seat) Next, we flew out to Paso Robles CA and did 6 or 8 landings, again all from the back seat then called it a day. Third time was the memorable one, He called me without any notice and just said "Lets go fly airplanes, meet me at the hangar in 20 minutes..." We ended up flying to Paso, I landed twice from the back then he stopped the plane at the taxi way, came to a full stop and lowered the nose and said he had to pee. At this point I had a total of 80 hours in a 152, and maybe 15 from the back seat of an EZ... He told me to hop in the front, that it was my day to land from the front. My first landing I was sweating all over the place, I ate up every inch of 5500 feet and stopped at the VERY end of the runway, I kept at it and got to the point where I could consistently land after 3k of feet, 2k, eventually consistently at 1800 feet. So.... leverage PASO as your training airport, it's close and doesn't have a lot of traffic, watch your speed carefully and you'll do fine. Once I'm back in the air I'd be happy to have you hop in the back of mine and head out there or land at SLO, I love high st deli for lunch anyway. [First landing front seat =]
  2. Sounds interesting, Please check you PM's - just sent you a note with my contact details. Would love to hear more about the undertaking.

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