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Possible Solution, for a Lack of Flaps:


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As previously mentioned, I am 99% sure, that we can vector the thrust from the dual ducted electric/hybrid fan jets, to take the place of flaps, when flaps are most needed (traffic pattern/in conjunction with speed brake on final, soft field landings, short field take offs and landings, etc. Again, in a simple, manually operated manner. If you want 10-degrees of flaps, pull the "flap bar" to 10-degrees, by linkage, rotating the dual ducted fans accordingly. Want 20-degrees, same actions.


Any and all suggeations are welcome....please.

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Flaps are not used on the Rutan canards because the flaps create a (forward) pitching moment that loads the canard.  A canard flying at landing speeds is already developing a high amount of lift.  The extra pitching moment requires more lift by the canard.  To develop more canard lift you'd have to fly faster which defeats the purpose of the flaps.  I believe your vectored fans would have the same effect.


Always something, ain't it?  :-)

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Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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