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    Tamla, F.L.

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    Cozy III / Cosy Classic
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    Dual Electric Ducted Jet Power Plants. Goal: 90 minutes of actual flight time between charges, usi g actu Nikoli Tesla Technology.
  1. AeroTesla1

    Cozy mk3 Europa

    That first one pictured is sharp! No shortage of visibility, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing, Al.
  2. AeroTesla1

    Landing a Cozy/Procedures?

  3. AeroTesla1

    Landing a Cozy/Procedures?

    Kent, What would you say/guesstimate the max pounds of thrust you are producing is? Thank you!????
  4. AeroTesla1

    Landing a Cozy/Procedures?

    Thank you. Everything you stated is logical. When I Pilot a Cessna, I add the 2nd notch of flaps on base leg, but do not reduce power, as long as I am in the white arc. On final, I add my last notch of flaps, trim, and once I know I have the runway made, I chop the lower to idle. In the video, he touches down at 80-mph, which to me, seems a hair hot, but not by too much, consideri g the planes design and lack of flaps. Will be interesting to fly in yours, in an effort to absorb as much information as possible. In your Cozy III, if it were you and 1 other adult/"average in size", and full tanks, what would be your maximum baggage weight? Thank you!
  5. AeroTesla1

    Declining pilot numbers

    Could not agree with you more about the cost! I started training in 1998 and total cost was under 5300.00 to get my PPL. It is my understanding, that 8500.00+ has become tje norm for a PPL.?. No wonder not so many Student Pilots and Instructors around the local FBOs anymore! We are trying to fix this issue. Regards, Al.
  6. AeroTesla1

    Looking for feedback on Raptor by Peter Muller

    What is your "proven design" Sir? Thank you, Al.
  7. AeroTesla1

    Minimum HP for the C-III?

    Oxford Dictionary Defininition: Indicating dismay or grief (used mainly by Yiddish-speakers).
  8. AeroTesla1

    Minimum HP for the C-III?

    If "Oy Vey" does mean that (a negative Jewish term), I would have to say, I have never encountered a Pilot such as yourself.... Hope I am wrong about you Mr. Zeitlin.
  9. AeroTesla1

    Minimum HP for the C-III?

    Is this what you mean?
  10. Interesting. Thank you for that information. Regards, Al.
  11. Well, now that we knkw an Experimental cannot be a Trainer and after having giving all of this more thought....as well as consulting with my "Rag Tag" Crew, we have decided to go all out with a Hybrid, based on the Cozy Mark III as a proof of concept A/C. I have always been a fan of Burt Rutan, and feel that he and those that own "like" Canard A/C....just might appreciate this project. Will cerainly save a lot on fuel cost, be innovative/funtional....and look beautiful, imho. Looming very forward to a short hop to N.C. to experience first hand, a flight in one of these sleek, and beautiful birds! Regards, Al Clark Aero-Tesla Aircraft, LLC Tampa, Florida web-site under construction.
  12. AeroTesla1

    Minimum HP for the C-III?

    That Sir, would be incredible! The offer is sincerely appreciated. Would be a great opportunity to share with you the design concept, and in return, receive some valuable input from you. I really think you will be impressed with our ducted fan design, as there is no other like it, that we know of. Should double or triple the thrust output of the E-Fan's EDF, with same power/170kw Siemans electric motors. Which Cozy do you own/fly? Regardless, I knkw it will be a great learning experience. Regards, Al.
  13. AeroTesla1

    Minimum HP for the C-III?

    VFR Private Pilot since 1999. Zero Canard time.
  14. AeroTesla1

    Landing a Cozy/Procedures?

    When entering the pattern, what would the procedures be, that differ from a more "conventional" G.A. A/C with flaps? How do you acheive slower speeds while on the downwind leg, base and final? Also, when you know you have the runway made, would you "chop" the power to idle? What is average ias when crossing the numbers? Here's the closest video I could find, but there is zero explanation. Based on what I see with the pitch, it appears one must reduce power and perform slow speed flight, less the flaps: Thank you!
  15. AeroTesla1

    Cozy/Speed Brakes

    Thank you for clarifyling the difference, as I had always considered and device (other than flaps), that cause drag, to be a "speed brake". Happy Flying, Al.