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A good morning

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I visited Kent this morning to get a close up look at his Long EZ before it gets sold. Kent was kind enough to allow me the visit, taking his time to show me both of his aircraft, the long and the Cozy.


Kent twisted my arm and I agreed to a flight in the Cozy :) Did not take much twisting... I am very grateful to Kent. I did not expect it.


I've not been in a light plane in sometime, have not had a hand on the controls in about 35-40 years, and I've never been in a Canard before. I'm simply amazed at how the plane fly's. You can read about it, imagine it, etc., but to experience it is unbelievable. Watching Kent pull the stick full aft, engine at idle, and just a bit of dipping at the nose and some sink of about 3-400 fpm, that was it. The plane just fly's on.


It was quite a thrill for me to fly in the plane, even more to be allowed to operate it for a few minutes. I'm just amazed at how easy the plane fly's, how well it glides, how solid it seems in bank.


At near 65 I thought I would probably not start a build. Now I think I will. Might take some time to get everything in order but I am now making firm plans to get everything lined up to start next summer or so. I would really like to build from the beginning as I would find that to be fun. I'll need to go get my license of course and maintain some proficiency while building.


Thanks to the CanardZone for pointing me in all the right directions.


And Thanks very much to Kent. I owe you, hope to find a way to pay you back some day.




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I'll do it Kent. Just need to get through the backlog of other stuff, get in the air, all before I get too darn old...


But hey, I feel like a kid today, still giddy.


Thanks again!

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Don't forget the option of buying a flying canard.... they are the cheapest they've ever been right now.


Thanks Andrew, that has been pointed out to me. Probably cheaper as well. I would enjoy the build however, part of my reasoning...

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