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Varieze Static Load Test to Failure

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I tried hard to find the horror in your post but was unable myself. I must not have the proper context.  ;-)

You should read all the followup posts as well, including my apologia (and apology).

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I did, but tuned out after I saw Tom Tugan's "rant".


I did just reread a bit and was surprised to see Mike Fox suggest that statistical methodologies, specifically Six Sigma, were applied (or can apply) to whether VariEze wings will fall off, etc.  I know a fair amount about Six Sigma and perhaps the most important measurement is 'Defects per Million Opportunities'.  I suppose you could come up with a million opportunities and try to shoe-horn some meaningful measurement in there, but in the end I'd have little confidence in the result.


I thought the video was great.  My takeaway, however knee-jerk, was that even the inferior VariEze wings are quite strong.

Jon Matcho :busy:
Builder & Canard Zone Admin
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