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Greetings from West Michigan

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Hello all, I'm not one for typing out my life story on the internet, I doubt you actually want to read it anyways, so I'll keep it brief. Born and raised in frigid Western Michigan, I am an A&P but for various reasons have been out of the game for a couple years now. I have a startup business developing products for GA and Experimental aircraft so naturally I've been lurking around various forums for quite some time now. My whole family is into aircraft, we have pilots, engineers, model makers, and even a stray mechanic (oh wait, thats me:D ). I have had the pleasure of attending 15 of the last 16 Airventures with my family and most certainly have felt the "pull" of experimental aviation.


I have been considering a homebuilt project to showcase some of our developments and the EZ's are fairly high on the list. Being the mechanic of the family I expect to be performing most of the work on the aircraft. I dont have much experience with composites, mostly repairs hardly any from scratch, so I am hesitant to take on such a large project. I wouldnt expect a whole lot of posts from me, for now I'm reading thread after thread about EZ's. The openEZ project has most of my interest at the moment(even though I'm still reading 2006 progress). I already have some questions but I'll save those till after I get some more reading done. btw, you guys do realize I could literally spend weeks reading threads...:envy:


If you have any advice for an EZnoob, I am all ears! Trust me, I've learned the value of being able to shut up and listen to those with much more experience. Thanks for having such a great site!

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I dont have much experience with composites, mostly repairs hardly any from scratch, so I am hesitant to take on such a large project.

It is a large undertaking. Fortunately, the way the plans are written, prior experience with composites is not a big deal. You learn as you go. I usually tell prospective builders they should like building as much as flying, otherwise, the odds of finishing are greatly decreased.

btw, you guys do realize I could literally spend weeks reading threads...:envy:

With 4-5 forums/mail lists to review, "weeks" is pretty optimistic. :D

"I run with scissors."


Phase One Testing


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Greetings Wells, from East Michigan.

You are quite an optimist. So I've been told the best way to make a million is to start with two million and make airplane parts or start an airlne. Well, you're in auto central and we both know how that's going. So, I wish you all the luck.


Bottom line is if you like doing crafts in a big way, this is it. You get to play wth all the different types of materials and be a mechanic, electrician, and fabricator. Its the best plans built go-fast plane on the market hands down.

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I usually enjoy being called an optimist, its far better than most alternatives lol. I've been essentially out of aviation for two years now and its finally getting on my nerves. I love planes and doing anything with them instantly makes me happy. Just watching from the sidelines simply is not enough anymore I need to get in there and put my hands on some parts. Even if I have to make them myself! I've always been a quick learner and mechanically inclined so I have faith that building an EZ is within my reach.


I've tried just about every hobby and craft known to man from model building and flying to jewelry and needlework (yes its true), but strangely enough each has taught me some mundane skill that I have found applicable to working on aircraft. I've always loved working with my hands so I think its a natural evolution to start something like this. I only hope I have the drive to see it through to the end. I'm not actually a pilot(yet) but with the duration of some projects that I've heard about I dont think that will be much of a problem.


I just finished reading one thread of the openez section and I have to agree, it could take me a couple YEARS just to read everything. I am VERY thankful to everyone that has participated with the project so far. I can actually contemplate building an EZ without fear of not having plans! I've heard they are important?:rolleyes:


Thanks very much for the greetings and guidance, I need to get back to the reading ...which I might add is very hard to do when I still have many questions, I am stuck in a vicious circle of research!

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I am in Three Rivers. I built the 2nd Vari-Eze to fly in Michigan back in the 70's. I sold that to buy a 172 for the kids to learn in and I moved to a private grass strip so the VE wasn't a viable airplane for me. I am in the planning stages for a modified Long-Ez. Nothing radical or that has not been done already. We have a Long and A Velocity based at Three Rivers, a velocity and an Aero Canard in process in the Kazoo EAA chapter 221. If you get to the Kazoo area give me a call we'll do coffee or somthing. PM me at CustomAire@gmail and I'll give you my cell #.

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Most of my family is in the Three Rivers area, so I get down that way on a semi-regular basis to see them. I've been to the TR airport a few times but dont remember seeing any rutan planes, wrong day I guess. When does the Kazoo chapter meet? I'd like to drop in sometime, I havnt been to a chapter meeting in too many years.

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