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Quickie drill jig

Big Steve

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I thought some of you could use this quickie drill jig idea. I took a chunk of aluminum and squared off the face. Then drilled a hole through it the size of my drill I was going to use. You mate it flush up against the surface you are going to drill and you get a nice straite hole. I used it to pre drill my spar pilot holes. Yes I am back Jon sent me my password. Thanks Jon. Build on STeve


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Steve Harmon

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Cozy IV Plans #1466 N232CZ


Working on Chapter 19,21

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Great youre back! Was wondering about you. I guess a guy could do the same thing with a block of wood. Wouldnt be so robust, but not many have 1-1/2" thick chunks of aluminum sitting around.

Nice construction tip.

Self confessed Wingnut.

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Progress; Fuselage on all three, with outside and inside nearly complete. 8 inch extended nose. FHC done. Canard finished. ERacer wings done with blended winglets. IO540 starting rebuild. Mounting Spar. Starting strake ribs.

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Along these lines, this is the jig I used to drill the holes for the elevator tube.

Quick/dirty on the table saw, blade tilted to 45*, run the block through on both edges/sides ("V" is now perfectly centered). Drill the pilot/guide hole in the jig on the drill press. "V" up, hand rotate the drill bit till the bit touches both edges of the "V", now drill away.




Rick Hall; MK-IV plans #1477; cozy.zggtr.org

Build status: 1-7, bits of 8-9, 10, 14 done! Working on engine/prop/avionics.
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