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Where to buy AeroCanard plans?


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They both are VERY good I have heard. Most of us just started building using the plans. I wish I had the video's...would have been very helpful. Not sure why you like the Aerocanard better. Maybe the wider rear passenger compartment? If so, you can always build a CozyIV and just build your turtleback jig wider in back. I am partial to the narrower firewall of the CozyIV. The thing about both planes back seats is the narrow HIP room...which makes it more suitable for the female passenger/GIB. I have ridden in a stock CozyIV in the backseat with another big guy for about 45mins to an hour and you have to cock ones hips sideways if you are a bigguy to fit'em in. The thing that made it agreeable was knowing how far we were getting in that timeframe. These planes really get you there FASSSST! Personally I doubted then if the wider turtleback "top" area would really have improved the experience any...so I used the stock CozyIV Featherlight turtleback and it looks/flows great on the plane. Anyway, Al at Aerocad is a good guy and if you go with his stuff, it will be a good path.

My .02

Self confessed Wingnut.

Now think about it...wouldn't you rather LIVE your life, rather than watch someone else's, on Reality T.V.?

Get up off that couch!!! =)


Progress; Fuselage on all three, with outside and inside nearly complete. 8 inch extended nose. FHC done. Canard finished. ERacer wings done with blended winglets. IO540 starting rebuild. Mounting Spar. Starting strake ribs.

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The construction videos are quite good with the following caveats: (I think that the disks are just diskafication of the videos.)


They follow the construction of the kit aerocanard but they would also be of benefit since they give an overall view of what you are doing and are of great help assembling the parts if you decide to do the plans version.


Now for the bad part. The video's appear rather schizophrenic. They were filmed by Jeff Russell (original owner of aerocad and builder of the molds in which these parts are made). When he was filming, it appeared as if he was building 3 different aircraft at the same time and the sequence shown is really no sequence at all. He goes from plane to plane and if he has his camera available, that is what comes next, even though there is a rough table of contents. Filming is done with large fans on, rain beating down on the hanger roof, etc. There's even a scene with the attack of his killer kitten (you will recognize it when you see it.)


that being said, get the videos are a great help. If you are going to use pre-fab parts, they are a must. As a matter of fact, if you know glass well, you could probably build most of the aircraft without referring to the plans.

(don't do it).


Also realize that what takes Jeff 10 minutes to do on the video may take you 2 or more weeks.


One thing that the videos do do is go give you confidence that the aircraft really can be built. Unless you have a neighbor who is building one, and you can go there for a "shot in the arm" every once in a while, just view some of the disks and be reinvigorated. Each disk starts out with one of the planes that was under construction doing it's first flight.


The major prefab parts that you can get from aerocad are:


A: Prefabricated tub, top and cowl

B: prefabricated strakes

c: misc fairings, pants etc.


All of the other parts (weldments, controls etc) are available from the Cozy Girrrls (a great resource-- get to know them) and various other places. Use this forum as well as getting on Marc Zeitlin's--- Hell, get on em all. After reading for a while you will get some idea of how to separate the wheat from the chaff. (including what I write)


Also available are wings, canard, spar from various sources including aerocad.


These parts, in the video's will magically appear, if you make them yourself they will appear after much labor.


All in all, worth the hundred or so that they cost, if you are going to build either kit or scratch or amalgmation. Additionally, if you are getting serious about building, and you are not familiar with building with glass, viewing the videos may help you make a go or no-go decision.


My rating 3 out of 5 canards :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I Canardly contain myself!

Rich :D

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