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  1. Anyone see this Canard called AD-200..take a look at the manual for specs, I wonder if it's new for Sport pilot? http://revmasteraviation.com/ad200.html Jim P.s. no, I don't work for them!!
  2. thanks everyone for your advice! I have decided to built an IBIS French Canard as it's a wood and composite process. Grateful, Jim
  3. Plans found, thank you everyone for your responses! Sincerely, Jim
  4. Hi Hans and IBIS builders, I have -gently inquired- by emailing Roger and Jean-Claude Junqua multiple times about buying a set of IBIS plans and received no response. ...does anyone know if the US is still on the the "No-Sell-List"? Last post concerning the subject was 3 years ago... About myself, I enjoyed building with wood have restored a Volksplane 2 N5456 (without deviation from the plans). While it is not as stately as the IBIS, it is solid!! Perhaps, you might know of someone who is not going to build an IBIS or their plans are unused... Thank you in advance. I can be reached off-list at james_fleming@bellsouth.net Sincerely, Jim Fleming 1101 Berkeley St Charleston, South Carolina 29410 USA
  5. Thanks for the web page, are the construction videos or DVD any good? Sincerely, Jim
  6. Hi! I like the AeroCanard, where's can I buy updated plans? Thank you in advance! Jim
  7. Hi, are plans still available? What comes with plans? Thanks, Jim

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