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LongEZ with 320


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The moment of truth is here. I have a "finished" Long EZ, 0320E2D, downdraft cooling, long nose etc. Using a set of scales that I could never justify purchasing with my own funds here are the results. Total empty weight is 949. Empty c.g. calculation is 111.4 . This gives me a minimum front seat weight of 170 without ballast. The maximum front seat weight is irrevellant since you just can't wedge a 403 pound human in this airplane.:bad:


I'll add some ballast for the first flights to get into a nominal c.g. position. I'll most likely have to put some dead weight at the -7 sta. The B&C battery is already up front in anticipation of being a little heavy on the aft end. When I replace the battery I'll probably use a heavier one.:confused:


The EZ is moving to the Springfield, TN airport tomorrow unless we get rained out.


Build On!

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You are about 1.5 hours SE of me. I'd like to get in on the action of a new Long hatching, if something may happen Monday and I can be of any help. Is there anything I may be able to do for you Monday? Do you expect high speed taxi testing?

Dave Adams

Long EZ N83DT

Race 83

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We will trailer it to the airport today, reinstall the canard and wings. If I get everything hooked up we can do some low speed taxi. Of course I want the DAR to inspect and advise before we start the serious testing. I have accumulated a couple of hours on the engine already. I have even had it out and checked the brakes. It has Grove's brakes and wheels which I really like. My Cozy IV had Clevelands and the Groves are much more powerful.


You are welcome to drop by and look anytime. My cell is 615-830-5408.

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When I build my next Longeze the one thing I plan on changing is putting and 0320 in it. My 0235 flew nice but a couple of times I could have really used some more power. Hope the flights go well. build on STeve

Steve Harmon

Lovin Life in Idaho

Cozy IV Plans #1466 N232CZ


Working on Chapter 19,21

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