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which breaker for equipments?

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Hi there,


I started brainstorming: I want to upgrade the instrument panel, that's why I need to upgrade the electrical system of my lez.


Unfortunatly I don't have the technical documentation of my future equipements and I will be happy if anyone knows which breaker I must fit to protect the following boxes:


little efis Dynon D10A

audio panel GMA 240



transponder FILSER TRT800

GPS garmin 496

Auto pilot Dynon (AP74+servos)


Any help will be much appreciated :)



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'Lectric Bob is a fountain of knowledge. If you can buy his book in the EU, by all means do.


Not intending to patronize...


A fuse or circuit breaker is designed to protect the wire, not the end device. The fuse/breaker is sized to the wire, and the wire is sized to the amp load of the end device.


Generally, a 22ga wire gets a 5 amp fuse/breaker maximum, an 18ga wire gets a 10 amp fuse/breaker maximum.


The fuse/breaker should be as close to the battery (or source of power) as possible. If the wire (or end device) shorts out, the fuse/breaker will blow, preventing a cabin full of smoke and flames.


Simplistically :)



Rick Hall; MK-IV plans #1477; cozy.zggtr.org

Build status: 1-7, bits of 8-9, 10, 14 done! Working on engine/prop/avionics.
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'Lectric Bob is a fountain of knowledge. If you can buy his book in the EU, by all means do.

You can buy it in PDF format and print it yourself (or just view it on your PC.) I'm sure Bob would take your credit card.

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Many thanks for all input.


Now I have some bases to start drawing my electrical system. If anyone has one to share it would be welcome :D

One question for Miketdrew: What would happen if a failure occur with the Anywhere Map Control Vision EXP DC? Do you lose all the electrical system or just the offending circuit? :confused: It seems to be very easy to wire....



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Well anything can fail, my old electrical system had a few failures. But, that's why I went for the battery backup option (thinking of dual EI in the future). The Indicator panel (annunciator) shows where a fault might be or the circuit tripped. A very compact system, which you can add components later. It has been problem free so far and has worked but perfect for my flight profile of day/night VFR. Hard IFR is another matter.



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