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  1. Hi there! My question concerning the long-EZ. When I checked my controls, I found some bolts with "head down". I believed in aircraft the bolts must be head up. I opened the plan and on chapter 19 P16, I can see the bolt of the front pushrod (CS129) head down. I suppose that Rutan must have a good reason to do this choice. If anyone can give me the reason, I will be happy to know! Thanks for help
  2. Hi all, This thread made me worried about my long EZ elevators. They have just been paint and I didn't take into account the importance of rebalancing the elevator. This morning, I removed the right hand elevator and I weighed it: 3.9 lbs . I checked the balance: out of range:mad: I removed all the paint, and now the weight is 3.46lbs, the balance is coming close to 10°..... I plan to paint again the elevator with a very thin layer. One question is coming to me: in order to adjust balance, I would probably add lead, this lead should be outboard. Could you tell me if adding weigh on CS10 is a good idea? If not, where can I add lead? Thank you for your help! OT
  3. overtorque

    Uncles Long Ez

    Hi, Top paint paint work! and I know what I'm talking about I hope to see your plane in a fly in!!! Overtorque
  4. Hi there! Modification is working, now the elevator can move completly without the new PTB entering in contact with any obstacle... Here below some picture of the new part that I riveted in the tube of the canard. What do you think about this modification? In my mind, there is no problem with safety... OT
  5. Top your pitch trim!!! Is it an home made?
  6. Good evening, many thanks for all your advices I spent the afternoon brainstorming a solution... I don't want to work several days on this problem. Now, it is clear that put a part of aluminium in the left side of the CS2 where I could screw the PTB is not a good idea because the elevator cannot move normally. So, one of my friend cut into a aluminium piece a new PTB. On the elevator tube, there is just enough room to put this new part with 2 or 3 rivets. I hope to be able to post one pic tomorrow, Id like to have your opinion about this modification. OT
  7. Hi Kent, Thank you for your informations, I didn't know this system. Do you have it on your plane? Are you happy with it? This afternoon , I will check on the plane what the will be the best solution. Many thanks for your help! OT
  8. I have KX 125, KY97A... Of course, if I change the radio with becker or something like that, I will have the correct space.... But it is a solution out of range with my money No room to change the place of the pitch trim... another idea is maybe to move aft the complete instrument panel, I will check tomorrow! OT
  9. Hello, I'm still working on my instrument panel, yesterday, the wiring was completed, so I decided to put up the canard to check if there was no contact against wire. I was very desapointed to discover that the "PTB" (the part where you have the pitch trim springs fitted, on the left elevator) jamed the normal movement of the pitch by touching the radios case. Ok, I have 2 solutions: -redo all my instrument panel, that really means a lot of work -move the famous PTB on the other side of CS2 by inserting a piece of aluminium in order to move away the PTB of 1/2 inch. What do you think about this last idea? Is it change something with safety? I believe no, the springs will be closer the frame and there is enough room to permit the PTB moving completly. I would be happy to take advantage of your experience. Overtorque
  10. Hi everybody, My long-EZ is fitted with a O 235 H2C, the cowls are the basic one (P51 scoop). I can display the temperature for 2 head cylinders and I don't know where it is preferable to fit the senders... Which cylinders are supposed to be the hotest? Thanks OT
  11. Hi Lynn, Many thanks for your very good advice. I have the requested doc! Overtorque
  12. Hi, everybody I'm looking for a wiring diagram for KX 125. I'm working on the restauration of my long-EZ and my work is stopped because I didn't found the way to wire my KX 125. Many thanks for your help! Overtorque
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in Europe, I believe you cannot build a long-EZ with the single TERF CD.... You need an original set of plan combined with a serial. Without this number, no registration! Without registration, no flight OT
  14. Hello, Could you confirm that the serial is "new": I ever found a set of plan and the serial was already use for another long-EZ (flying!!) Many thanks OT
  15. Many thanks for all input. Now I have some bases to start drawing my electrical system. If anyone has one to share it would be welcome One question for Miketdrew: What would happen if a failure occur with the Anywhere Map Control Vision EXP DC? Do you lose all the electrical system or just the offending circuit? It seems to be very easy to wire.... OT

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