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  1. Hi Folks: Please point me in the best direction for a (reasonable cost) vendor for seat belts and shoulder harness' for my Cozy MK IV. I am familiar with Hooker Harness and the Van's Aircraft Accessory catalog... Any others??? Thanks I'm gettin' closer! :0) kds
  2. Ok all you expert builders, I am looking for a plexiglas safe substance to assist me in removing the spraylat from the inside surface of my canopy. The spraylat on the inside surface is about 7+ years old. I can get it off now in very small amounts (1/2 inch sq size pieces) but would like do it quicker. Any help??? Thanks
  3. Thanks Phil and Row for the encouraging words. I plan on trying the added lead and talking to the painter tonight. My gut tells me to sand off the paint and try again. Hopefully he'll understand there's a compromise with looking good and correct balancing. My plan is to tell him to skimp on the paint on the lower surfaces and apply only 1 coat of color (white) and 2 coats of clear on the top... with me there to watch him....;o) To his credit the canopy, instrument cover, nose gear access panel and engine cowls look great. KS
  4. Sent my elevators and ailerons to an experienced painter (didnt have the patience or shop to do it myself). Before painting all control surfaces balanced nose down per the plans.... Well when I retrieved them from the paint shop and checked them again.....all were tail heavy. NOT GOOD... a show stopper. TOO much paint. Solution Options : 1. try adding the .3 pounds of lead to them but if that fails I guess my options are to: 2. Sand off all the paint and filler and re-apply sparingly. (paint included) $$$ 3. Build all new ones (Big bummer). Is my logic sound .....??? Please help this poor 10+ year builder. KS

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