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8 foot long Aluminum Straight edges


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Bruce was showing me how to do composite work, and one of the things he has which we have been using a lot of is an 8 foot aluminum straight edge which is 2 - 4 foot long pieces which connect together. It is designed to be clamped down to stuff and used as a cutting edge for saws and what not. I am not sure if anyone is looking for such a beast, but I found one at Wilco/Ace Hardware for $21. It is sold as a kit with two 4 foot rigid aluminum sections two c-clamps and the center connector.


They probably also have it at sears or any of the various farming stores.

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I have several 1 x 2 x 12ft and a 1 x 4 x 12ft plus some 9 ft lengths.

These are solid pieces of extruded aluminum. I incorporate them in jigs to insure that wings & canard layups stay straight.


There was an outlet here called Metals Supermarket but it closed up about 5-6 months ago but there may be one near you. It was really nice to be able to buy long lengths like these.

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I had a 6 foot straight edge. Just as Tmann suggested. It was 2" solid extrusion from the local Aluminum supplier. I think I paid $10 Austratlian. Lifesamsara (Bruce) took that off my hands. Now that I'm back on my home sole, I need to go his another.

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