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  1. Your plane is nowhere near as loud as the Pawnee. Actually, When I have seen you fly your bird has been pretty quiet.
  2. Holy Rusted Metal Batman! I wonder if that thing flies like a Texan! (100% throttle causes over rotation))
  3. Sorry, I was not more specific, the Rotaries I have experience with have a HOT exhaust. (enough so to chuckle at the surface of the sun) With so much heat in the exhaust I doubt anything in the vicinity will get daunted by even 0 Kelvin* *Lame attempt at humor
  4. That is not a pretty thought! an A&P mechanic friend of mine was telling me how he was nursing a Lycoming from Northern Alaska to Washington, at one point they had to land (somewhere in the tundra) due to icing and he made the mistake of putting his hand on the cowling. While the mistake dawned on him, the pilot reached over and ripped his hand off before it became a permanent fixture to the airplane. As I recall, the main problem of the trip was the Oil kept freezing. They had the air holes blocked so as to prevent shocking the engine, but they were starting in a colder area. I would think that if you were flying a Lycoming North, one would have to be careful with running too low throttle to prevent shocking the engine.. Of course, once the engine stopped and cooled, getting it started would require some winterization. I guess that might be another consideration, but considering that Rotaries are Notoriously "Hot" engines freezing the oil would be more difficult to do. Robert
  5. Yea.. You guys touched on many of my concerns.. I live in the PNW, and I know that its possible to get real cold up at altitude (-40 and lower) while being real toasty on the ground. (Yes, standard adiabatic laps rate is 2c for every 1k feet, so if its 20c at sea level it would be -20c at 20k) It sounds like using water is not a problem as long as you have a way to regulate airflow through the radiator. I guess I would be afraid that the thermostat which allows flow when the water is hot enough might cause a problem if it doesn't pop before the liquid in the radiator freezes and restricts fluid flow causing the engine to overheat at altitude, (which could probably be handled through proper mixture of Antifreeze.) The other thought I had was water boiling at lower pressures so you would have to make sure the cooling system could handle higher pressures then it would at sea level so the water would not boil over at altitude and pop the radiator cap pressure valve or (heaven forbid) blow a seal in the engine. Boiling at 20k is roughly 86C or 186F, I guess putting a 30psi radiator cap on would solve the problem as long as you were warmed up before reaching altitude. (Cozy Girrrls recommendation for a Pressure sensor is a must then I guess) The problem I am seeing is I could leave Sunny Oregon on a 70F day and make it to Juno at -32F, if I take the high altitude route then when I am over the water coming into Juno I could be looking at -40 or more. Of course.. I think as a Pilot I would probably look a lot like Frosty the snowman after a trip like that. I forgot the P51 was liquid cooled, It had a service ceiling of over 40k. Robert
  6. I am curious to know if the Rotary with its liquid cooling system has any altitude restrictions. I have looked around this forum, checked the Cozy Girrrls site, and poked around Slades' site but I cannot find anything relating to max altitude. I know that the Rotary and Subaru's can be turbo normalized for altitude, my concern is the secondary systems and altitude. like how they handle cooling at 19,000 or 20,000 feet. Do any of you have any information or good sites to point out for this kind of information? I am still in the research stage, I love the idea of an auto conversion, I have experience with Mazda's and Subaru's (in cars, not aircraft) and they are both great designs. Thanks, Robert
  7. And.. This Thread is Resurrected!!! Whoo hoo! I feel like a 18th level cleric. On to the point. How would the extended strake effect the Weight and Balance? It seems that larger people might want to implement this, but by moving a structure closer to the canard are you also not moving the CF Fore as well? Seems like an Awesome Mod.... There has to be a Gotcha. Robert
  8. Lets see.. Who Are you... Isn't that a first year Psych question? "Who Are you".. That is also what the Vorlons asked.. "What do you want". That would be the shadows.. the "Who Are You" question is also the same one that Jack the Ripper kept asking while interrogating Delenn. To which, she had no satisfactory answer.. So here is my answer.. I AM YOUR WORSE NIGHTMARE.
  9. Ouch.. I just placed another order for the Flox and Micro.. I wonder how much a pound Really is.. I wonder if I should have gone with the 5 pounds of the stuff. I know when I was working with the stuff, it seemed very.. Light. Ah well.. Live and learn. Might have to make another order of the pound does not last through the Fuselage construction.
  10. Vegimite.. If memory serves me correctly.. (hey.. What is my name.. Oh.. Now I remember) Doesn't Vegimite taste something in between V8 and a salt lick? I also remember my Aussie friends liked to prepare everything with Peanut butter. I guess its an acquired taste. Great people though, really knew how to party. Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the circumstances, good to hear you have all your bases covered.
  11. Excellent!! I am currently working on the Jigs for Chapter 5. Sides.. Those are going to be interesting.. I Just ordered everything from Aircraft Spruce.. more cups, more Dacron, The chapter 5 stuff, More Epoxy.... but.. Damn it! I forgot to Order Flox and Micro! Grrr.... I wonder if that stuff could be obtained locally.
  12. Good Info.. the Rockwell has a sort of Hex shaped hole, and the Fein has a more Star shaped hole I noted.. Wasn't sure if the Fein star shape would fit the Rockwell.. at first glance it looked like they might. Guess not. Have you noticed that cuts with the Rockwell, the edges are a little more "Ragged" then the Fein, or is that just me?
  13. They do when you have been dipping too deep into the Absinthe.. I am surprised they let you back into the country with all that stuff! Customs went NUTS over my Drum I tried bringing back. They must be getting LAX ;p (sorry, bad pun I couldn't resist) Robert
  14. Sweet! Another person starting at rock bottom with me!! Congrats on your plans.. Now the fun begins. Like ... Reading the Plans.. Is that a Pirate doing Layup?
  15. Bruce was showing me how to do composite work, and one of the things he has which we have been using a lot of is an 8 foot aluminum straight edge which is 2 - 4 foot long pieces which connect together. It is designed to be clamped down to stuff and used as a cutting edge for saws and what not. I am not sure if anyone is looking for such a beast, but I found one at Wilco/Ace Hardware for $21. It is sold as a kit with two 4 foot rigid aluminum sections two c-clamps and the center connector. They probably also have it at sears or any of the various farming stores.

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