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Another Newbie...

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Howdy folks!


Not an EZ flyer (yet!) but am 110% interested in the design- I'm a USAF pilot (hence the name) and have done a moderate amount of GA flying both before and during the military stuff. Have always had an eye for the Vari- and Longs and have been keeping a lookout for one at a good price.


Big draws are the speed and "legs" on such a low fuel burn- and it's just an awesom lookin' a/c! Have a few question for when I finally get serious about buying one, hopefully not too far off in the future...


I've heard that if you buy an incomplete kit (or one that's close but not quite done) and finish it yourself, you'll be fine with condition inspections only, but a completed plane is subject to more intense scrutiny by subesquent owners on annuals....is this true? doesn't make sense to me


I see a couple IFR Longs out there, are there as many Vari's certed for IFR?


How about non-standard engines?


Hope to hear back, look forward to seeing pics of everyone's birds..





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Welcome Brian;


As for the Condition Inspection (the annual)


A Builder may qualify for a "Repairmans Certificate". This is like an A&P, BUT, Only for that specific airframe.


When it comes time to do the annual, Anyone can perform the work, HOWEVER, Only an A&P, OR, the holder of the "Repairmans Certificate" can sign off the inspection.


If you built the plane (or can prove to the FAA that you have exceptional knowledge of that airframe) you can qualify for the "Repairmans Certificate".


If you purchase an already flying plane, its conceivable that you could get the holder of the "Repairmans Certificate" to sign off the annual.



F16 performance on a Piper Cub budget

LongEZ, 160hp, MT CS Prop, Downdraft cooling, Full retract

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To add to Water, Anybody can do the work for the annual (condition inspection)and as he said, it must be signed off by the certificate holder or an a&P. That being said, anyone can do any kind of work on the aircraft. It does not have to be the certificate holder or a&p. There are no requirements for the person working on the aircraft. (great for those who don't build the plane). The conditional (annual) has to be done by the certificate holder or an A&P (AI is not required.) So---- If you want to, you and your neighbor's son (who may not be too bright) can totally rebuild the aircraft legally. (as long as you don't go against the original restrictions that were specified at the certification of the aircraft.


Have fun

I Canardly contain myself!

Rich :D

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And from the Navy side of the house:) ...


Once you have the airworthiness certificate for the aircraft, there is a line in there telling about how the aircraft is for day, VFR flight----unless equipped for night and/or IFR. A quick search of the FARs will tell you what you need for night and/or IFR.


The Varieze has smaller panel space than a Longez----which does not lend itself very well for an IFR cockpit----however, it has been done.


I only do "light" IFR. All (?) the Ezs leak in the rain (at least my Long and now my Cozy do) plus the water chews the prop. While you can get heated probes, you have no anti-ice capability.

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OK thanks guys-


I'm not looking to do much hard IFR in the long run, just like to have the option to shoot the approach if I have to, with more than the "tomatoflames/flaps" stuff on board and pop up through the occasional deck.


thanks for clarifying the Mx stuff.


...now, anybody wanna sell me one REAL CHEAP? :)


hope to see ya up there......

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