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Varieze on Continental A65


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hallo members,i'm working to find an engine for my project Varieze,i ve a very old Franklin 4AC199E,to expensive to restore it,i find a used Continental A65 with still 1000 hrs to TBO.i would like to know if some of you had experience with this little Continental on Vari,pls. all info and suggestion are very welcome.many thanks

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Not a good idea. I have a Varieze with a Continental C-85. I limit my runways to 2500 ft minimum (at close to sea level)......and take off with about 2000 foot of run.

I would expect a light Varieze (pilot only) with a C-65 would need a mininum of 3000 feet to take off with a 4000 ft. runway. It would be a one-place aircraft.


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No such thing as C65 just A65.

A65 can be converted to A75

A75 is not the same as C75

“A” series cannot be converted to “C” series

Some C75 can go C85

Some C85 can go C90

Some C90 can go O200

Not all conversions that are physically doable are economically feasible e.g. C85 to O200, case, crank & pistons are different.

Not all conversions that are physically doable are TCM or STC supported, not that important with experimental but if you wanted/needed to sell that would have an effect on resalablity and value.

TCDS on the FAA web site is a good source of info.


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there is a 3300 jabiru on sale on the avaizione leggera site for 13k€ (there is a guy at ancona installing the 3300 in a varieze. Or look for a rotax 912 or a Sauer 2100 turbo.

By the way I am in Pescara, fly a Long and restore a Varie



Cosy Classic flying (ex LX-ACE)

Varieze N39JC rebuilding

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