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  1. I did get the whole plane and the prop was convieniently attached to the rear.No ernest the 4 blade variable prop from MT gives a supersmooth ride, especially compared to the wood fixed pitch I had on my Long, talked with the builder of my Cosy and he wanted the 3 but got a good deal on the 4 blade. My Wife never liked the Long, not enough space, no view, felt seasick. The Cosy was the oposit, she loves it, and does not even get motion sickness, (If Mama is happy, is everybody hapy) YES YES YES.. wolf
  2. wolf.

    O-235 vs O-320

    Hi Ronny I work with them, and they shaved of nearly 10kg of teh standard O-320 wolf.
  3. mm and a 4 blade? I have a MT 4 blade on my newest toy (a cosy classic) the MT is white and the soot looks especially nasty on it, any idea how I could clock that one (classic 4 exhaust end of cowling)?? wolf.
  4. ronny don't worry an 800m strip is perfectly safe, especially since you are about seelevel and it does not get that hot in belgium. In Switzerland there are 5-6 varie/long ez operating out off birrfeld airport which is about 600m long. There is a guy in Italy flying a cozy out of a 800m strip. I personally consider 600m my limit to operate in safe conditions (of course maybe no overgross at 40C with strong X-wind) In my long I had an EFIS which gave me the takeoff distance (up to the 50ft obstacle) and best was 250m (alone, wintertime, seelevel, 2h fuel, no wind) worst 550m (2 full fuel, slightly overgross 40C) wolf.
  5. wolf.

    PU/PVC vs PS Foam

    Yes but apart from th efuel issue, from a structural point of view is there a difference? wolf.
  6. General build question, I have a half build Varieeze project, wings, canard are done, the fuselage is still missing the bottom and the outside glass. The Pu foam is sundamamged and I will substitute it. Now my question PU and PVC foam is cumbersome to get here in Italy, what speaks (apart from a possible fuell leak) against using Polystyrenfoam (the same density) for the fuselage bottom, sides, nose and canopyframe?? I guess the PU has been selected by Burt because of it's insolubility in Gasoline? Wolf.
  7. Hi Ronny I have a German registered Long Ez for sale (I live in Italy) 1993 380h 140hp O-290 If interested give me a call +393493569870 wolf.
  8. Hi there, the family has grown and I need more than 2 seats, therefore I like (don't realy like to) to sell my Long Ez, German Experimental located in Italy, 380h since new 1993. O-290 D2 430h TTSN and 70h STOH, Panel new with EFIS, radio, transponder, ELT.Cockpit painted, new tires, prop... A blast to fly (honest 140Kts cruise at 24L/h) and can only be substituted by another canard (need the funds to buy a COZY or COSY) If Interested PM me wolf.
  9. there is a 3300 jabiru on sale on the avaizione leggera site for 13k€ (there is a guy at ancona installing the 3300 in a varieze. Or look for a rotax 912 or a Sauer 2100 turbo. By the way I am in Pescara, fly a Long and restore a Varie wolf.
  10. Selling used king kt-76 transponder, rack, but no encoder (yellow tagged) 500$ ONBO (European FAA wants us to have an S-mode (2500$ for nothing did not find an extremly pissed smily)) wolf.
  11. vouz pouvez apple mon nummero fis +39087163882 w_huhn@web.de wolf.
  12. I have a 1983 German registered Long with a O-290 engine and about 350h. I live in Italy just give me a call +393493569870 wolf. german, french, english, italian
  13. actually both my long and the varie i nosescratched have the red/green light, but its like the window, if you forget to look at them... in both crafts we will install active warning devices. wolf.
  14. Hi guys I resolved my speed brake trouble, it was the pilot I had 3 times surgery to get rid of a gut cancer and was just to weak for my speed brake, now after some time I regained my strenght and the speed brake can be deployed without much trouble:cool2:
  15. I knew that the first Varies sideslipped could under some conditions depart from controlled flight and I read that Burt limited the rudder travel to prevent that. The Varie I flew is from 83 and so far in testing I have slipped it quiet agressively and did not loose it (the carft has 400h, but after restructuring I test flew it again, so lots of altitude and a chute) The craft is heavy, 780lbs so anyway I aproach fast and that day because of the gusts I was at about 100KIAS (no speedbreak) To cut ist short this Varie seems to not depart wolf.

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