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Ve Efis ?


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My project plane is at the point where I need to install instrumentation (panel is in but no instruments yet). I wonder whether a unit like the Blue Mountain EFIS would work well for this little plane? What are my consideration for this? Do I need redundancy if I go with EFIS?

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Here is a pic of my panel. If I were to do it again (and I might), I would use the larger Dynon D180 (or RM equivalent) with engine information but still have a regular airspeed and altimeter as backup. A turn coordinator wouldn't hurt as a gyro backup as well. In my case, I have the wing leveler as backup.


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I was actually concerned about the amount of real estate the BM EFIS would take up on the little VE panel, and whether I'd need to reserve some of that space for redundant instruments. I'm just getting into this project again after a long hiatus, and the BM EFIS looks awesome to me. How difficult is it to install one of these units?

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There are so many choices in avionics now...the biggest limitation is our budget. The new multifunction displays can do so much that you can just add a few backup instruments and have room to spare.


I spent a lot of time on my cockpit layout ... one thing that was very helpfull was printing actual size pictures of the various avionics and gluing them to some thin card stock. This allowed me to move things around until I had the best layout. You can also use software like panel planner.


You might check out this thread: http://www.canardzone.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1127 which shows several panel layouts (including mine) and may give you some ideas.



If I was starting from scratch (and had the funds) I might use three of the BMA EFIS Sport units...one as PFD, one for Map, and one for engine monitoring....maybe even one for the GIB. :) The Aspen avionics displays look like a good choice as would be a Garmin G1000.

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You might want to do a search on the forum about BM efis' function/gremlin satisfaction. :confused: Even the Gen4 units. Just suggesting.

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If doing it again, it would still be VFR. That drives certain requirements. I'd use independant instruments, specifically Dynon EFIS-D10A, Dynon EMS-D10, Dynon autopilot, and a new Garmin GPS 696, Garmin Comm & XPDR. I would definitely not add backup steam gages. I have a Rocky Mountain encoder as back up today, and I have never used it. You don't need airspeed to land a VFR Long EZ - If you do, you need more practice. If you think you need altitude, then you are going beyond a certificated spec requirement. I's use the same Single battery, dual alternator setup for australia and a single alternator if in the USA.


For my next project I think I'll build a biplane (Model 14 or Model 12 pitts coz I miss my old Tiger Moth) and I will use steam gages the whole way. EFIS just doens't fit the plan. Will always be a analog watch guy and not a digital watch guy...



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