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  1. NeilK

    Corvair Engine in Varieze

    Robert, Mazda did have coil ignition in the early 80s and prior but it was made up of 2 coils, one for leading plugs, the other for trailing plugs. The mount you have just doesn't seem right to hang onto a 13B.
  2. NeilK

    Chrome Rocker valve covers

    Helos would run just as hot (if not hotter) as aircraft. There are some high temp resins available. They’re just not very common and not usually available to the average homebuilder. I’m reminded of a VEZ that used an automotive (or was it marine) fuel flow sensor that was made of plastic. It failed in flight and the pilot lost his life during the off-airport landing.
  3. NeilK

    electronic ignition versus mags

    Magnetos have their place. They operate completely independent of the aircraft electrical system and independent of each other. If one should fail, a replacement is available at just about any airport you land at. Electronic ignition provides a better spark. That is for sure and I would agree that they have been pretty much perfected. The bigger issue is that they rely on the builder’s skill at electrical wiring. P-MAG being the exception since generates its own power. As for builders installing two different makes of electronic ignition, I can only guess they are looking for that “independence” from common failure points. i.e., a common crank sensor.
  4. NeilK

    elevator and aileron balance

    Just a thought here... Try sanding the paint off the bottom only and see if that brings you in balance (plus a little). Then just add enough colour to the bottom. Only Canard builders will look under the elevator to see what you did.
  5. NeilK

    Long Term Engine Storage

    Listen to Lynn. Store the engine with the sump up and by "fill the engine", fill it completely. That is to say, seal off the exhaust ports, fill the cylinders completely with oil and screw in plugs into the spark plug holes. Fill the intake port (where the carb attaches) completely with oil. You may want to remove the mags and seal the holes. Fill the sump completely through the drain plug. This process will take gallons of oil but will prevent corrosion regardless of climate or how long the engine is stored.
  6. NeilK

    Chrome Rocker valve covers

    One would have to assume worst case senerio... Lyc specs max cyc head temp at 500F. (Normal cruise at <400F) Good luck finding resins for that kind of temp.
  7. NeilK

    W&B for a modified Long..

    I tried to upload the XLS file but it wouldn't transfer. I see now that the PDF got messed up a little. If you PM me with your email address, I'll send you the XLS and a W&B spreadsheet I stole from Waiters web site.
  8. NeilK

    W&B for a modified Long..

    Someone did. The file author says Rick Glos so if he did gathered the info, My hat is off to him. NeilK Canard Weights.pdf
  9. NeilK

    Web-Slinger LIVES!!!!

    Congratulations Jerry, You're going to get 2 thrills as you progress. The first was watching your bird take flight for the first time. The second is when you're on-board for YOUR first flight in it. Trust me when I tell you, you will never forget these days of personal accomplishment.
  10. NeilK

    Trying to get a ride at Rough River

    If I'm not mistaken, the Cozy Girls are in St. Louis. http://www.cozygirrrl.com
  11. NeilK

    Long EZ Materials Cross Reference

    http://www.eznoselift.com/pricelist.html for nose gear parts.
  12. NeilK

    HS Reunion

    ... and a hangar
  13. NeilK

    Builders in the Great Toronto Area

    Contact the MD-RA. They may be willing to provide that information.
  14. For those needing motivation to complete their canards, today was one of those perfect days to go 200 miles for fish and chips. From CNC3, up the west shore of Georgian Bay at 6500' to CPT2 (Killarney) (Google map it). Fresh caught Fish and Chips on the dock in town. Back in the planes down the east shore of Georgian Bay at 3500'. Smooth as silk and a million miles viz. Just a tad over an hour each way. This is what my buddy's Velocity looks like from the front seat of my Long EZ. Keep at it folks. http://www.canardzone.com/forum/images/icons/icon14.gif Neil 0-320 Long-EZ
  15. NeilK

    variEze with 13b?

    Luis, The rotary is not designed to have a prop bolted to the e-shaft. The e-shaft thrust bearings won't last long. You will need to isolate the prop thrust loads to different bearings much the same way Tracy's PSRU isolates the input shaft from the e-shaft. If you look around the web for "13b torque curve" you'll find 3300 RPM generates about 80HP on a 13b. That would be a lot of weight for 80HP. I'm not trying to discourage your creative flow. Just be sure to get all the information before you spend real money. Maybe a good, used 0-200 or perhaps a Rotax 914 is in order. NeilK