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  1. I bought the VZ project recently auctioned off on eBay yesterday... hoping this was a good decision. This VZ seem very close to completion - hmmmm? - and need glassing and finishing on the wings, minor repair to some nose fiberglass damage, and that's about it... I hope. I already have a project VZ in my hangar (see my other posts) and I'm hoping this plane has what I need to get in the air more quickly than waiting for the ever so slow builder - me - to finish my other project. The wings on my other project are done, and I hope it will be possible to bolt them onto this new project, repair the nose damage, and fly happily off over the horizon. Am I dreaming?
  2. Yep, most everything is done 'cept the instrument panel and other cockpit amenities. I saw a project VZ on eBay that has a nice panel and some other parts I could make use of. Anybody else see that? The plane is in Acampo, CA and appears to have been under construction a long while. I need to finish some minor fiberglass details, install a second mag and fabricate the air ducting in the newly built cowlings, then panel and instruments finish it up. Sounds ez. Varieze. Oh, and certify the plane along the way. And BTW... whenever someone says to me, "I don't mean to flame you, but..." then I brace for being flamed, just like whenever someone says to me, "I don't mean to piss you off, but..." then get ready to be pissed off. Just sayin'.
  3. So I read and took all the Dynon kudos and BM concerns into account and went and bought me a D-10 for my little VZ project. Mind you, I haven't flown for more than eight years so the instrument choices now available dazzle me real easily. So now I have the Dynon, and just the Dynon. What else do I need?
  4. I did hear that BMA went belly up, and did figure that might allow me to pick up a low cost BMA Lite and "presto!" my panel is made for me. And who knows? Maybe it'll work that way for me. Where do I find "Marc's" forum or page or list to get aboard with local Varieze information? My plane was being rebuilt by a guy who flies a LongEze out of Santa Ynez airport. 235 put in, nose extended, LongEze gear installed, and new cowling constructed. thanks for giving me some valuable informtion here!
  5. Still available? If so, let me know at jollyrahja@gmail.com. thanks!
  6. I spoke with a guy selling his 13b project awhile back up in Illinois I think. Looked to be a nice installation, and I might've bought it if it wasn't so far from me in California. Rotary makes sense in many ways for aircraft, but also generate unease due to thir RELATIVE newness... consider how many total hours we've tested piston technology vs. rotary in the past century.
  7. I bought my project VZ at Santa Ynez Airport about a year ago, and have just recently found time and $$ to start getting her together. She flew for many years and was then disassembled to install a 235, extend the nose and install a Longeze langding gear arch. The entire panel was also removed, so I need to install all new (used) instrucments. ...and I need help! With luck I hope to be airborne by next summer. I have around a thousand flight hours in various planes, but have never even been up in a Rutan design of any kind. I also sold my last plane (Pacer) over ten years ago and haven't flow since. First issue is getting the panel put together. I'm interested in the Dynon 10A and the BMA EFIS G# Lite. First ignorant question... with one of these units installed, what other "backups" do I need? In other words, with the BMA G3 installed, do I also need a vacuum airspeed and/or alititude, ball, compass, etc? Sloroger ... hopefully soon-to-be fastRoger in my Varieze! (San Luis Obispo Roger)
  8. sloroger

    Ve Efis ?

    There's a Blue Mountain Avionics EFIS/ONE for sale on eBay right now that I'm thinkin' of bidding on to install in my VE. Seems like a great little unit with amazing capabilities...
  9. sloroger

    Ve Efis ?

    I was actually concerned about the amount of real estate the BM EFIS would take up on the little VE panel, and whether I'd need to reserve some of that space for redundant instruments. I'm just getting into this project again after a long hiatus, and the BM EFIS looks awesome to me. How difficult is it to install one of these units?
  10. sloroger

    Ve Efis ?

    My project plane is at the point where I need to install instrumentation (panel is in but no instruments yet). I wonder whether a unit like the Blue Mountain EFIS would work well for this little plane? What are my consideration for this? Do I need redundancy if I go with EFIS?
  11. thanks... I'll most likely be flying alone 80% of the time. Not only will she have to look at the back of my head, she'll have to look at the back of my BALD head!
  12. Thanks Rich, as it turns out, I probably won't be tackling this canardly project after all. That plane is now re-listed on ebay, but I suspect the fuel leakage problem is due to some poor workmanship that might be a lead indicator of other issues with the workmanship. I'm no expert, and I could be wrong, but I'm now choosing to avoid that bird.
  13. Yeah, I might prefer a C or an L engine, but the Mazda has some potential. I am an A&P, though I wouldn't say I'm expert in just about anything!
  14. It's a project plane, still to be finished and flown. I like the idea of the Mazda, very smooth running and high HP for the weight/size. Guy says it ought to put out 125 horses, which should make the Q zoom.
  15. thanks for the tip! I can be contacted at tempmrsc@beringerblass.com. Does he have a Q or a Varieze?

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