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Magnesium or Aluminum Wheels


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Getting ready to buy some feet for my Long-EZ. I've pretty much settled on Grove wheels and brakes. Would appreciate input on whether it would be a good idea to get the lighter magnesium wheels or is aluminum the better (safer) option.

Thanks in advance :thumbsup:

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I'm not sure what would make Matco brakes for my O-320 Long-EZ application any better than Grove. The question really was whether anyone has had any problems with magnesium wheels.... corrosion, fire, other. They are the same price as the aluminum wheels of the same size but are one pound lighter.:confused:

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They should be fine. It takes a lot to get Mags burning (but once you do you can't put them out.) Water just makes them burn faster.


If you are happy with the Grove then go for it. Matco will stop you faster (but as you said, that wasn't the question.:) )

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I would make sure what ever brake system you bought was capable of stopping your plane at full up gross weight. I have exsperience brake fade once in my old Longeze it was very disconserting to say the least. The controller at Chino asked me to turn off at the first turnoff and so I made the attempt even though I was obviously going to fast. I stomped on those old light weight cleveland brakes and starting slowing and then all of a sudden I was just not slowing anymore. I just took my feet out of the brakes and let the plane coast the whole length of the run way, by the time I got to the end the brakes worked again. No harm no foul. To say the least I dont do first turnoffs anymore and I bought tripple puck matco's for my Cozy IV. They are not the lightest brakes but I want to be able to stop when I want to stop. I would buy the lighter magnesium if they are equal on stopping power. STeve build on

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I also like the Matco brakes. The only problem is their linings or pads. Use the Cleveland linings and you will be very happy. I could stop my E Racer at MGW of 2200 lbs (80 kts) and stop in 1200 ft with the Cleveland linings. It would take another 400 ft with the Matco linings. I questioned Matco about that and they did not have an answer why. I had the dual puc arrangement, also going on the new AC.



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