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Pre-cut core storage


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Does anyone have any experience they would share with the purchase of pre-cut foam wing and canard cores in storage for a few months? If I get the cores and keep them in the shipping box with the cores sandwiched in their original blocks of foam do I run the risk of having warped cores after a few months?


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As someone that had a canard core sitting around for very nearly 10 years before anything was done with it....


Keep it out of the light, if possible. In a box or covered will keep light and dust off of them. Keep them in their original blocks and they'll be fine. You jig them all straight before you start glassing, so they will twist to where you need them anyway.

Kevin R. Walsh & Michael Antares

Cozy Mk-IV #413


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My pre-cut canard cores from Featherlite were in their shipping box, unopened for about 4 years when I got ahold of them. Then sat in there for almost another. They were pretty as a new born when I removed them.


Made a nice looking canard, don't you think?




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Thanks for the replies. I will order my cores next week and probably won't start on the wings until the outside temps get back up into the high 70's on a regular basis. I don't like doing big layups with the door closed and the heater on! May start on the canard when I get my cores.

Thanks again:thumbsup:

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Yeah, heat blankets are great for cure, we used them on B-2 repairs often. I just don't want to do the wing layups with the hanger (garage;) ) door closed because I don't like wearing a respirator that long and I don't like the vapors without one.

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