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Hand Propping a O-320


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With the cold temps last week in PA I wasn't able to get my Cozy started, was about 20 degrees overnight and about 30 when I tried to get it started. If I'm ever in a spot that doesn't have a place I can get a jump on the battery how safe/easy is it to hand prop this engine? There is a note on the ignition to only use the left mag when doing it, so I assume the builder did it at least once.


Any advice on how to do this without maiming myself or worse? Obviously I need to have the nose gear retracted and the throttle at idle.

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It's EZ on the low-compression 0-320s in warm weather. Mine would start on the first pull. Might take several pulls when cold. It helps to have a primer versus relying on a pumper carb. Scary the first few times you do it but you'd get comfortable after doing it a few times. A good skill to have as a backup. Have a cockpit helper the first few times, at least.



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I saw a neat trick once; I was up north (New Jersey) attending a Formation Flying Seminar. A Long EZ driver, after his aircraft was outside on a very cold night, took what looked like a cheap hair dryer, stuck it in the cowling and turned it on for 30 min.


He told me it won’t get hot enough to damage anything, and the engine will kick right up once everything is toasty warm.


If I recall correctly, he stuffed his cover in the rear of the cowling to increase the heating effect of the blow dryer.


Obviously this requires an extension cord and the availability of an outlet, but it seamed like a novel idea, and it did work, after he warmed things up, the engine kicked over in 3 turns using the starter.



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My 0235 Longeze did not have a starter so if I wanted to go flying I had to hand prop it. Bill Ortel taught me how. He came over to my house and worked like a demon to get it to start the first time after that it always started really easy. I plan on a starter for my 0360 but I will hand prop it also I do not know how hard it will be to pull through though. Get someone to teach you and it will be a skill you are always glad that you have. STeve build on

Steve Harmon

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