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open ez /builder questions


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Hey I'm kinda new around here but have been eyeballing canards for years now.I was originaly looking hard at cozy plans then found the open ez plans and downloaded them and I think I am leaning more that way if I can get some more info other than the templates and pics in the plans I downloaded.I have been building and racing airboats for years and am so ready to get my prop off the water and in the air.I have a engine or 2 sittin around so I dont think that will be a problem one of which may be too big for the open ez (franklin 0-335 210 hp) but if not have access to a 125 or a 0-200 .But I would like a little more than just templates to start building . If anyone is out ther with more info I would love all I can get..Thanks

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Obviously you can't build with just the templates. Buy yourself the Terf CDs, which contain the LongEZ plans and the newsletters with plan updates. Combine them with the templates and you are ready to go.


In the mean time take a look in the OpenEZ section of the forum. You will find a reformatted chapter 4 pdf which will fill in a few blanks with regard to how these planes are built.


Is your decision to pursue the OpenEZ vs Cozy purely the purchase price of plans ??? By the time you buy the Terf CDs and get the templates printed and the like, you wont be saving much on the cost of buying the Cozy plans (not to mention it is such a small % of total build cost).


I have purchased the Terf CDs and the Cozy IV plans. Money well spent.

Adrian Smart

Cozy IV #1453

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Excellent choice!

I'm building a Long-EZ and my choice is based on performance.


You'll find that in many ways, the Long is a lot easier to build. No special jigs to shape the sides, etc. My top choice would be a Berkut but given the available choices, the Long/Open EZ is the next best.


I have picked up some other plans along the way including the AeroCad plans and a set of the Berkut drawings, They are a great resource for additional updates to the building process as well as clarification of other processes, etc.


The rest is through various other sources such as the C-A list that Marc runs. The Central States newsletter is another good source. You should also look into joining your local EAA chapter.

T Mann - Loooong-EZ/20B Infinity R/G Chpts 18

Velocity/RG N951TM

Mann's Airplane Factory

We add rocket's to everything!

4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, 14, 19, 20 Done

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The rest is through various other sources such as the C-A list that Marc runs.

I don't run the Canard Aviator's mailing list - I'm just a member. All EZ builders/flyers should be members there.


I DO run the COZY mailing list. All canard builders are welcome.

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Well thats what I am trying to figure out...I also have a lyc 125 and a cont 0-200 and dont really know the true power to weight to performance by comparison on the ez all I have to go by so far is my airboat racing and building to go by and less weight and more power has always been better

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The Longeze was designed for the Lyc. 0235 the proto type had a C2c model in it. I flew in that plane once. My Longeze also had a 0235 c2c motor in it. I found it very economical. When I build my next Longeze I will put a 0320 in it probably a 150 hp. one so I can burn car gas in it if I can find any without alcohol. STeve build on

Steve Harmon

Lovin Life in Idaho

Cozy IV Plans #1466 N232CZ


Working on Chapter 19,21

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