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  1. also if you type in ultralight on google then click images,go 4 or 5 pages into the pics and there is a pic of one...
  2. has anyone ever heard of the kato goldwing ultralight canard and if so is there any info about them around? I know a fellow named jack burke built one and wonder if there is plans or a kit?
  3. corenmeg

    small ez?

    I agree and am pretty set on building a open ez hopefully starting next year but am still amazed at the da-11 and cricket for the size and small powerplants (18 hp) and think a canard of this size would be cool...
  4. corenmeg

    small ez?

    Has anyone out there thought of a small 1 place canard like a shrunk ez?I am thinking somewhere along the lines of a cri cri (cricket) or leon davis da-11 for size...
  5. Thanks I'm guessing that the vari-ez uses a smaller powerplant and has less interior room?What about crusie speed and range?
  6. what are the differinces in the vari-ez and the long- ez
  7. Well thats what I am trying to figure out...I also have a lyc 125 and a cont 0-200 and dont really know the true power to weight to performance by comparison on the ez all I have to go by so far is my airboat racing and building to go by and less weight and more power has always been better
  8. Thanks for the info. My decision on the open ez is more based on economey vs performance.I dont know if my engine will work though it weigs 290-300 lbs and is 210 hp franklin 6cyl 0-335
  9. Hey I'm kinda new around here but have been eyeballing canards for years now.I was originaly looking hard at cozy plans then found the open ez plans and downloaded them and I think I am leaning more that way if I can get some more info other than the templates and pics in the plans I downloaded.I have been building and racing airboats for years and am so ready to get my prop off the water and in the air.I have a engine or 2 sittin around so I dont think that will be a problem one of which may be too big for the open ez (franklin 0-335 210 hp) but if not have access to a 125 or a 0-200 .But I would like a little more than just templates to start building . If anyone is out ther with more info I would love all I can get..Thanks
  10. Is it possible to shrink a set of long ez plans to a single seat so you could use a engine set up like the french cri cri but as pushers? Or even a small briggs n stratton?

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