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Epoxy containers


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Hi builders


I've decided to shelf my ratio pump when empty in favor of using the scale method, my question is this, would it be OK to store my epoxy and hardner in recycled laundry soap containers, because of the easy use pour spouts. (cleaned out of course)

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I use MGS. You don't say what epoxy you're using.


As far as MGS goes:


The resin? Yes.


The hardener? Not unless you're sure the plastic is not permeable to CO2. Some plastics let it through, and it will spoil your hardener.

Better to store it in the can it came in.


I've been pouring from the can for years. I have a dispensing system for the resin, so I set the cup on the scale, zero the scale, pour the hardner first, (as it's difficult to get the exact amount poured), check the excel spreadsheet on the wall to find the requisite amount of resin to dispense, and open the resin valve untill the number is right. Viola'

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I use Pro-Set.

Punch a #2 phillips hole into the inner metal seal under the screw on cap, a #1 phillips in the hardner. Squeeze the can into the mix cup on your scale. Epoxy/hardner may goober down the sides of any container, this way ensures a neat/clean pour unit on every new gallon.


Suppose you could 'weld' a small tube onto a screw on cap, if your resin system allows it.


*I* wouldn't decant into a different container, who knows what might remain no matter how clean you think it is.



Rick Hall; MK-IV plans #1477; cozy.zggtr.org

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Small amounts of MGS resin and hardener are being sold in polyethylene containers. Just don't store them for really long periods, like over a year and you will be fine.


I also use these inserts in plastic bottles, they work great when you need to dispense small amounts of hardener:


Posted Image

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