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Long EZ Mock up Panel


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Let me first start off with the cave I have been in for the last 6 months. I moved to D.C. in November and received many warm replies to my question about D.C. area flyers and I am now ready to start networking and taking you guys up on all the gracious offers for rides and to check out your projects. I went to the Army fixed wing course last summer after not having touched an airplane since 1989. I am a very solid helo pilot after 14 years in various models of the H-60 but the 20 hours in a C-182 and then the complexities of the C-12 (super King Air) were fun and challenging. After getting posted to Fort Belvoir in Virginia I basically immersed myself in the King Air to get up as a Pilot in Command as quickly as possible. These are not your average King Airs as the military equips them on par with a heavy in the avionics side (Duel Collins FMS3000, all glass, nice Color WX Radar, TCASII, AP and the list goes on. I got signed off as a PIC in April and after much National and some International flying I can now refocus on the EZ. So I will be in touch guys! And thanks for the patience.


On to the panel! I came across a smoking deal on a BM EFIS ONE GEN3 recently checked and certified okay by BMA and picked it up for a song ($1800):). I was not sure if I could squeeze into a long ez but got it anyway. My predicament was making the bird fully IFR capable (minus ice:yikes:) so I could punch up through the decks to get me home. I decided to build a mock-up out of wood (1/4" ply) and see if my goodies would fit with the EFIS1 and a standby 4 pack to get a let-down if the glass poops in the soup! Here is what I set up:

Terra is taking care of the NAV with a TN200D VOR/Glide slope/ TX 760D for comms/ TRT250D for transponder with mode C and a digital TRINAV C for course and glide slope info. 2-1/4" AS and ALT with a standby digital tach and OIL pressure/temp ( the tach and Oil P/T will be for engine start before I throw the avionics switch ) I also came across a great deal on a B.F. Goodrich 2-1/4" standby Attitude direction indicator with an internal battery source for 15 minutes of unadulterated independent standby capability (nice unit but 24 volt so my decision on voltage system is made for me) RNAV will be via the BME GPS backing up the VOR V / J route. (I may go with a 496 side mount that flips out for certified GPS and XM WX RADAR as the GEN 3 has no WX Radar capes)


Image 1 is pre-powered:confused:


Image 2 is powered up:dancbana:


Image 3 is the EFIS 1 showing the panels happy home in Alexandria with the ADI in terrain mode overlooking the Potomac river as well as the TN 200D tied in as the NAV Source to DCA


Image 4 is a non glare shot


Image 5 is a close up of the standby array. Unfortunately to make it fit in a long I had to deviate from accepted scan layout for a 4 pack, so I chose to align the BFG ADI and the Terra TRINAV abeam the BM ADI and HSI to keep the scan relatively the same if I have to go to backup instruments. The Tach is top left and the OP is bottom right. The BME1 does the entire engine scanning so these really were not required but I prefer to keep the avionics cold until the main Gen is online so these will be hot off the battery bus.

Image 6 is of the back of the panel and the room behind the EFIS display is plenty to mount the gold box and clear the Canard pitch crank hardware:juggle:. I can also mount the box further up front as I am redoing the nose Long to accommodate easy installation of the Electric nose gear and offset W/B for the 160HP O-320 I have for the bird (not to mention the sexy look of the mod).


Let me know what you think guys and send any recommendations, suggestions, corrections etc. I don’t know of any longs with a BM EFIS one so if anyone knows somebody flying one have them e-mail or PM me. It is good to be back! Thanks, Sully






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Thank you for the encouragement. Another cool feature is the VGA out. This can plug into an automobile 7 inch LCD and display everything for the GIB. They can't manipulate it, but will see everything the front seater has up and that is way cool and very affordable for a second display!


Blue MAX...it has been a while...although I do follow your progress on your web page! Your progress is amazing...only surpassed by your undying enthusiasm:cool: !


Cozy Girrrl...will you be selling the same Pitot tube you made for your Cozy?? Just a thought:confused: . Thanks again, Sully

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