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Arlington Fly-in

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  • 4 weeks later...

My son and I headed up to Arlington Friday. Camped overnight. Wow, I am sure this even is nothing close to the size of Osh, but I was not expecting nearly the amount of activity I saw.


Nice group of Long-EZs, VariEZEs, velocity's and one Cozy.


I introduced myself to some cannard folks as a builder and I was invited to their BBQ Friday evening. Unfortunately my son was getting impatient and wanted to head back to our tents to roast marshmallows and hang out in his tent. I had a thousand questions for folks there, but I couldn't hang out for long.


A very successful trip. I am glad I went. Seeing these great machines in person only enspires me to continue my build. I even managed to run into a local Olympia LongEZ owner and his nephew(?) who is building a long locally.


I will am certainly planning on going back next year!


I have a few photos on Flickr....http://www.flickr.com/photos/8975721@N04/sets/72157606152645408/


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I hope to make it up to Arlington next month. Are there any canard flyers here also planning to make an appreance? I really would look forward to seing a long or cozy in person next month..

im a wantabee flyer, do i count ?:o

Steve M. Parkins

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From my experience, Arlington is the finest fly-in in the United States. It has maintained the grass roots level of aviation as a backbone, allows intimate involvement with the public as participants (strong for aviation), and is far less commerical than other airshows.



Wayne Blackler

IO-360 Long EZ


Melbourne, AUSTRALIA


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My co-owner Gary, my daughter Justine, and me should be departing for Arlington tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. With good WX we should arrive in Arlington later that day where we will spend at least two nights camping on the airport grounds. The plan after that is to fly south to Truckee/Tahoe either Friday or Saturday and then head back to Colorado 00V on Sunday.


I'll have email and phone so someone please let me know if there are any Canard group events planned or if anyone just wants to meet and greet.





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I posted a brief summary of my Arlington 2009 experiences and a few pictures at http://www.ez.org/smf/index.php?topic=4976.msg13586#msg13586


I also went to Jackpot a few days earlier but didn't post any pictures. My gut feeling is that I attended the last Jackpot fly-in -- the end of a 20-something year tradition.


Next fly-in: Kanab! (KKNB, Kanab, UT, September 5, 6, and 7 -- Email me if you need more details).

Joe Dubner

Long-EZ, RV-8A

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Here's a link to some pictures of the Arlington fly-in. The weather was perfect for Fri and Sun. Several of the Canardians flew out Sat morning to beat the forecast of thunderstorms (which fortunately didn't happen), head home, etc., so much for video. I did get some stills of the Fri cook out and of those planes that were there.


They did have one problem with Joe Hull's Cozy. On Fri, he went to take someone for a ride and the starter wouldn't engage so they pushed it back with the rest of the canards and Joe ordered a new starter which should be in on Tue. On Sat, they towed his Cozy using a rope that Joe held onto while sitting in the pilots seat. A couple of guys helped to get it rolling by pushing on the prop.


I put in a couple of other shots you might enjoy as well, not canards put nice looking planes.






Best regards,


Bruce Sturgill


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the 18th huh ? it would seem that it was last weekend and i missed it :mad:

thanks for the foam in my drive way....foam fair:p

Oh #%&*!@!. I was off by a week when I posted that!


I don't know how I had the wrong dates at the time. Perhaps the dates moved up a week, or I just brainfarted when I made the post.

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So, the real question is, did you miss it? :(

If you are asking me, no. I was there. For the life of me I can't imagine how I posted the wrong dates, the link to the Arlington site was right there too. Did the site have different dates and then change. Did I just hickup while I was typing. :( :(

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