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  1. What"s a "VOR"? Responding to a rhetorical question ... that's the box I put in my airplane to give it a legitimate IFR capability. The VAL NAV2000 is "only" $1300 at Aircraft Spruce and gives me an ILS (using my Dynon SkyView) at the nearby towered field when I need it. Some people spend that much every couple of years on the "Garmin tax" (database updates for their GTNs, GDLs, and other TLAs* for LRUs** I don't need or want). * TLA == Three Letter Acronym ** LRU == Line Replaceable Unit
  2. > Not sure they are worth $400 though. That's about what Van's Aircraft charges for their RV baffle kit and I've never heard of anyone foregoing the kit in favor of sheet metal. BTW, Van's RV-14 baffles cost twice that! I would gladly spend $400 for Les Laidlaw's baffles except for the part about doing all the bending to fit. And cutting out the holes for the alternator and starter. And the inter-cylinder baffles, baffle seal material, and additional misc. items that always seem to be needed. Guess I'll stick with what I have. Yeah, no matter how you slice it, baffles suck.
  3. David, you remind me of myself 25 years ago! I too was excited about the DeltaHawk engine. It "checked all the right boxes" (e.g. no ignitions, no carburetor, runs on jet fuel, etc.). Now, 25 years later I see that DeltaHawk has a new web site, probably new investors, but the same promise. "Pricing and availability will be announced soon." says the web site. I think I first read that in 1999! Meanwhile, I've been flying ahead of (and behind) various Lycomings for those 25 years. Expensive, ancient technology, sometimes cantakerous but they work well in airplanes. I see it all too often: a builder "ages out" before he ever realizes his dream if the scope is too large. -- Joe
  4. I posted a brief summary of my Arlington 2009 experiences and a few pictures at http://www.ez.org/smf/index.php?topic=4976.msg13586#msg13586 I also went to Jackpot a few days earlier but didn't post any pictures. My gut feeling is that I attended the last Jackpot fly-in -- the end of a 20-something year tradition. Next fly-in: Kanab! (KKNB, Kanab, UT, September 5, 6, and 7 -- Email me if you need more details).
  5. On page 50, my Long-EZ P.O.H. (First Edition -- May 1980) says this about the AN-4 bolts: "These bolts should be snugged well (about 30 inch/lb) but not over-tightened." That's the torque I strive for. I feel no need to use the AC43-13 max. torque spec because these bolts are in sheer. And like Waiter, I use locknuts instead of nutplates. -- Joe
  6. Here in the land where the sun don't shine (in the winter), I usually take my Long-EZ cross-country to places where it does. From Independence Airpark in northwestern Oregon, that would be California or Arizona or even Nevada. So I'm outta here next week and looking for canard aircraft flyers or builders to bum off of ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H hook up with . Here's the deal: we'll kick tires and trash-talk the RV and spam can crowd, then we'll fly formation or fly out to lunch. If you have accommodations, I'd spend the night -- otherwise I'd be on my way. And if you have space in your hangar for my Long-EZ, well ... you'll be on my Christmas card list forever :-) Of course, I'm always ready to reciprocate and I do have accommodations and I do have hangar space (http://www.mail2600.com/webcam.htm). But you'll want to wait at least until May before taking me up on my offer . You can reach me by Email (jdubner at yahoo.com) or cellphone (208-816-6359). -- Joe Aircraft Position: http://www.mail2600.com/position Aircraft Last Track: http://www.mail2600.com/track
  7. You could play with Ed Dokus' "PropDesign" program which I ported to MS-Windows many years ago. http://mail2600.com/PropDesign/index.html It's somewhat simplistic but at least the price is right (free!). -- Joe
  8. Hi Marc, Ken wished that he had brought that 175-gallon tank on this trip as avgas was $4.13/gallon! (I tankered home as much as I felt safe taking off with, which isn't a lot in an O235 Long-EZ at 6000 D.A. with a passenger.) -- Joe Long-EZ 821RP Lewiston, ID
  9. That multi-colored Long-EZ in the foreground of the Beech Starship image (http://bp0.blogger.com/_nP0yUQFiTwU/SF7ePw5hLbI/AAAAAAAAAXE/DZNGILtoOr4/s1600-h/rutan-birthday-bash-2008-080621-069-8.jpg) belongs to Jim Price. It's powered by a normally aspirated O320 and holds an altitude record (35,000 feet). Jim and I flew down from Idaho for the event. And yes, it was great! -- Joe
  10. Here's a compilation of the EZ flying events in the western US for 2008 from Char Spencer starting with Canards de Mayo and ending with a new event in Lone Pine, CA. In between are the usual Jackpot and Kanab "timed events". http://mail2600.com/hhfc08.htm These events aren't just for flyers; for builders they're great opportunities to see some unique EZs, put faces with names, and even snivel a ride. Question should go to Char at the posted Email address or phone number but I can try to help too. -- Joe
  11. I can't remember much more from the installation and I think RTV was all I used. But that was during my "Pliobond phase" so I may have used some of that tough contact cement on the copper tape/winglet bond. Certainly no fiberglass cloth or epoxy. In the first picture you can see the shape it's in after 5 years and 670 hours flying time. In any case, it's hard to not inspect it during each preflight -- it's right in my face when I inspect the rudder.
  12. Do I have any more pictures? DO I HAVE ANY MORE PICTURES? Like most of us I must have a zillion of them <g>. I think those are about the best of the antenna installation but I have some of the panel, airplane in flight, taxiing, etc. if that's what you mean. http://www.mail2600.com/Airplane/index.html I haven't posted the recent ones of my APRS installation but would if there's interest. Or contact me via Email (but not PM).
  13. Dave, I faced the same dilemma when adding an antenna for APRS (position reporting/tracking via VHF ham radio) in my very pretty Long-EZ. I decided to install a center-fed half wave vertical dipole on the rear-facing surface of the winglet that did not contain the existing com antenna. Here's the result viewed from the rear of the winglet, facing forward, and with the rudder held out of the way. I came up with some copper foil and a ferrite choke from my junkbox but I understand RST Engr. sells these supplies. You can see the end of the choke "buried" in the winglet with the coax feedline passing through it and soldered to each half of the dipole. A small amount RTV secures the ends of the copper foil and connections. The hardest part of the installation was drilling a hole for the coax in the winglet from the antenna's feed point to the area of the position light where I could access it and feed it into the hell hole via the spar. I welded a 1/4" drill bit onto a piece of 1/4" steel rod to make a 4-foot drill bit. Standing on a stepladder I took careful aim and drilled through the foam core until the tip of the bit was visible in the position light's hole (position light removed). After that, snaking a leader for the coax through the spar was duck soup <g>. The end result was worth the effort. With 10 watts on 144.39 I'm always in range of a ground station even over the wilds of Idaho's Hell's Canyon: http://www.mail2600.com/cgi-bin/track.cgi?call=K7JD-7&start=2008-1-21&stop=2008-1-22&elim=0 YMMV but I feel that VHF com performance will be similar.
  14. I did not know about the large price increase of the ECi part after I bought mine. Ouch! Too late for Steve but here's one for sale on the Van's Air Force forum: http://www.vansairforce.com/community/showthread.php?t=20954 Probably will be snapped up before I can post this :-( It appears to come with a spacer which AFAIK is not needed in our installations. -- Joe
  15. Steve, Long-EZ luminary Jim Price suggested I buy the ECi oil filter adapter for my Lycoming O235. I did and am very pleased with it. Let me know if you need me to research the part number and price (under $200). -- Joe

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