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side spacers installed today

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Nice work. If you're going to use fuel sight gauges, I would make the depressions around the gauges flat areas about 4.5 inches wide or more. The gauges themselves are about 3 inches wide and might make it a little easier to install them on a wider flat area but it depends on what your plan is there.


I've installed these gauges on three airplanes. I found I needed to remove the white contouring foam (clark?) just below the longeron where the gauge is to be installed, otherwise you can't install the gauge high enough to show the top two or three inches of fuel when the tanks are topped-off.


Cozy IV N13AM-750 hrs, Long-EZ-85 hrs and sold

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Plans say if using the Vance Atkinson gauges, make a 2" flat rectangle depression and make it 7" long from the base of the spacer foam (end of the taper). I have read that I should make the depression a little longer than the 7" so I can set the hole at the bottom right at the base of the tank. I went about 7 5/8" deep just in case. All of my edges are tapered so the uni will lay in good. All surfaces are sanded and corners rounded for the uni to lay correctly. Before doing the uni layup, I just want to verify with the group that the measurements on the fuel gauge depressions are correct, or will I run into problems? Better to know now while it is easier to fix.

Rob Wiehl


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