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side foams are in the jigs

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Carpet tape. Good idea. I used finish nails. Either way it should be better than the plans epoxy method.


If I would do it again, I would skip the fuel guage impression. It's a pain in the butt to get it to laydown right. My epoxy soaked through to the masonite and firmly attached to it. It was a pain to get it off. My suggestion would be to skip it all together and worry about installing the fuel gauge after the strakes are installed.


As I'm planning to make CozyGirrl strakes, I did not cut in the stick impression at the front.

Drew Chaplin (aka the Foam Whisperer)


www.Cozy1200.com - I'm a builder now! :cool:


Brace for impact...

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This is a quote from the Aircraft Spruce Webpage, covering the blue foam for the fuselage sides and bottom "DIVINYCELL is a closed cell medium to high density foam which has high compression strength, durability, and excellent fire resistance. Divinycell can be vacuum formed to compound shapes and can be bent using heat. Compatible with polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resins. "


The Cozy uses the DIVINYCELL in sheets 3/8 of an inch thick. It is shown to weigh 3 pounds per cubic ft. I don't know the cell size... how is that measured? It may be similar to the Dow product, there have been past discussions on that subject concerning the wing foam (which is listed differently in the catalog).

Andrew Anunson

I work underground and I play in the sky... no problem

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