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Seatback Spacers.


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The plans says in CH6 step 2


.. Sand the glass surfaces where the spacers go, and flox the spacers in place against the fiberglass on one side, inserting nails to hold them in place. Now apply a 1 ply BID tape to the unglassed side of the map pocket spacers, apply flox to the edges, and put the other triangular brace in place. Line it up squarely with the other side, and put in nails to hold it in place.

two questions


1) On the bid tape on the back side of the spacers, I have a question. Is this a bid corner tape with a flox corner?


2) So what do that do with the remaining 3 corners? I'm going on the assumption that the first corner was taped. Just nice flox corners? When applying the second Triangle side, it's going to squeeze out. How you do clean it up?



I think this is one of those areas where the plans stops telling you everything and you're supposed to know what to do.


Well I scratching my head. HELP!

Drew Chaplin (aka the Foam Whisperer)


www.Cozy1200.com - I'm a builder now! :cool:


Brace for impact...

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I just floxed mine in, one side at a time. I taped (one ply ?) where it was convenient/easy. Seems sturdy.


Used my finger on the 'hidden' side of the first glue up, a rounded stick/dowel on the inside of the map pocket. Suppose you could use an acid brush (3/8' wide) to swipe some epoxy on the oozed out flox on the inside. Though I found a bit of sanding (see stick above) took care of the major bumps on the inside.


TODO: Radius the seatback at the map pocket hole, add glass corner of some sort.



Rick Hall; MK-IV plans #1477; cozy.zggtr.org

Build status: 1-7, bits of 8-9, 10, 14 done! Working on engine/prop/avionics.
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